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Ukrainian Embassy in Kazakhstan: airplane crash is Russian terrorist attack 28 июля 2014, 18:32

The Embassy of Ukraine in Kazakhstan has made a statement about the tragic crash of the Malaysian Arilines MH17 flight that claimed lives of 298 people.
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Embassy of Ukraine in Astana, Kazakhstan. Embassy of Ukraine in Astana, Kazakhstan.

The Embassy of Ukraine in Kazakhstan has made a statement about the tragic crash of the Malaysian Arilines MH17 flight that claimed lives of 298 people, Tengrinews reports.

“The Security Services of Ukraine have an irrefutable proof that the Malaysian Airlines plane was hit by pro-Russian terrorists who used Russian weapon,” the press office of the Embassy declared.

According to the Embassy, the MH17 airplane disappeared from the radar of the Dnepropetrovsk Regional control center at 4:20 pm. The airplane crashed 3 km away from Grabko village of Donetsk Oblast, the territory controlled by pro-Russian terrorist groups. The Ukrainian government was negotiating with these groups to gain access to the crash site, identify and repatriate the bodies of the victims.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine set up a 24/7 crisis center to help process inquiries from families of the deceased passengers and coordinate the work with accredited diplomatic organizations of foreign countries. Similar crisis centers were created in Malaysia and the Netherlands. The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs undertook to speed up visa applications processing for family members of the deceased in the MH17 crash.

“At this stage, Ukraine has all reasons to believe that it was a purposeful attack on the airplane with an air-defense weapon. That said, it is important to emphasise that Ukrainian air defense weaponry was not put to use during the anti-terrorist operation. Not a single ground-to-air guided missile was fired. And there were no Ukrainian Air Defense fighter jets in the airspace at that time. The Boeing 777 was outside the impact zone of the Ukrainian Air Defense ground facilities. In few hours after the terrorist attack, the Security Services of Ukraine made public the irrefutable evidence of the fact that the airplane was attacked by pro-Russian terrorists with the use of Russian weaponry,” the press office declared.

The press office of the Ukrainian Embassy noted that the airplane crash proved that “the motive behind Kremlin’s actions provoking instability in Donetsk was not a political one, but was rather a terrorist act that posed an immediate threat to the peace and security in the world”.

The Embassy expressed its condolences to the families of those killed in the airplane crash. The press office assured that the President of Ukraine initiated a committee involving representatives of international organizations to investigate the tragic accident.

Writing by Gyuzel Kamalova, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina 

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