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50 Kazakh tourists stuck in Tel Aviv airport after missile attack 25 июля 2014, 18:28

Around 50 Kazakhstani tourists cannot leave Israel after a Palestinian missile hit the area near the Tel Aviv Airport.
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Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport. Photo ©REUTERS Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport. Photo ©REUTERS

Around 50 Kazakhstani tourists are stuck in Israel because of the Palestinian missile attach near the Tel Aviv Airport, Tengrinews reports citing the press secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nurzhan Aitmakhanov.

The press secretary said that 23 Kazakhstanis have already departed from Israel to Turkey.

“23 Kazakhstanis departed for Turkey through Greece. The consul of Kazakhstan is now at the airport working to return our remaining citizens. It is difficult to say how many have not departed yet, because the information varies. We are working to return our citizens,” Aitmakhanov said.

Diana Nazarova, a Kazakhstani tourist who was the first to inform about the incident through her Instagram account has not departed from Israel.

Israel has been conducting a military operation in Gaza since July 7 to stop Palestinian missile attacks on Israel.

All air traffic has been suspended. According to Kazakhstan’s Embassy in Israel, a Turkish airlines flight was scheduled for July 23 from the airport of Tel Aviv. Nazarova and other Kazakhstani tourists were supposed to return to Turkey on the plane. But later, it was reported that the flight was postponed for 20 hours.

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