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12.07.2012 15:39 Finance
The World Bank provided emerging markets of Europe and Central Asia loans worth $10.47 billion in the fiscal year ending June 30.
22.05.2012 17:07 Finance
As an upper-middle income country, Kazakhstan is gaining a more prominent place on the international arena: Vice-President.
16.05.2012 08:54 Finance
Mr. Marchenko emphasized that Kazakhstan needs to think of public private partnerships to launch investment projects inside the country.
03.05.2012 18:58 Industry, Infrastructure
The World Bank has approved allocation of $1 billion for construction of roads in Almaty oblast.
10.12.2011 11:07 Politics
The 9th president of the World Bank, chairman of Wolfensohn&Company; James Wolfensohn took part in Kazakh-American Investment Forum-2011.
21.10.2011 15:42 Markets
Kazakhstan gained 12 lines in the rating of countries with the most favorable conditions for business.
07.07.2011 16:53 Kazakhstan
The new route will play a major role to boost integration of the SCO member states: Vice Minister of Transport Andrey Nedossekov of Russia.
01.06.2011 12:00 Kazakhstan
The Kazakhstan’s Prime Minister wrote about the meeting in his Twitter account.
31.05.2011 14:40 Kazakhstan
South West Roads Project has brought about 30 000 jobs and other indirect benefits for Kzylorda and South Kazakhstan oblasts: World Bank Managing Director Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.
20.05.2011 18:20 Kazakhstan
Karim Massimov met with the head of UniCredit's CEE Banking division Gianni Franco Papa and Chairman of the Board of ATF Bank Romeo Collina.
03.05.2011 14:12 Kazakhstan
Consequences of food crises are social tensions and political upheavals throughout the world (…) it is of paramount importance to ensure food security at regional and global levels. Inter-state cooperation and concerted actions are needed: President Nazarbayev.
03.05.2011 13:43 Kazakhstan
All the developed nations used to protect their processing industries, regarding them as “fledging industries” (…) Now the IMF, the World Bank and the WTO demand liberalization and free trade: President Nazarbayev.
22.04.2011 20:56 Kazakhstan
Activists accuse head of the World Bank's engineering department of deferring resolution of conflicts between South Kazakhstan residents and local authorities.
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