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16.09.2015 12:42 Finance
The World Bank warned that monetary policy tightening by the Federal Reserve could spur a "perfect storm" of threats to growth and financial stability in developing economies.
13.02.2015 11:55 Finance
The World Bank said it is prepared to provide up to $2 billion in financial assistance to conflict-torn Ukraine this year.
21.01.2015 12:32 Finance
The World Bank trimmed its estimates of the economic damage of the Ebola epidemic.
24.11.2014 12:40 Politics
Climate change could undermine efforts to defeat extreme poverty around the globe, the World Bank warned Sunday.
29.10.2014 17:45 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has met with the the managing director at the World Bank Sri Mulyani Indrawati to discuss cooperation between Kazakhstan and the World Bank.
16.07.2014 11:11 Politics
The BRICS group of emerging powers created a Shanghai-based development bank and a reserve fund seen as alternatives to Western-led institutions.
16.05.2014 16:01 People
Dena Sholk, a graduate student in the School of Foreign Service from Georgetown University came to Almaty to research the role of baraholkas (markets) in Kazakhstan’s economy as a part of her dissertation fieldwork.
15.01.2014 15:25 Finance
The World Bank on Tuesday raised its growth forecasts for the global economy, but warned of potential volatility in capital flows as the United States withdraws its stimulus.
13.01.2014 11:58 Science, Technologies
Scientists can get up to $500 thousand in grants for commercialization of new technologists in Kazakhstan.
13.12.2013 10:42 Finance
Cash is so cheap these days that investors have been borrowing and ploughing them in assets from artwork to wine to bitcoins, betting that prices would rise.
19.11.2013 13:00 Politics
Arab and African leaders are to start a two-day summit in Kuwait on Tuesday to review steps to promote economic ties between wealthy Gulf states and investment-thirsty Africa.
07.11.2013 17:30 People
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon pleaded Wednesday in Niger, the country with the world's highest fertility rate, for better reproductive health to curb the Sahel region's runaway demographic growth.
04.11.2013 11:08 Finance
Horn of Africa pirates have raked in up to $413 million in ransom since 2005, with most of it used to finance "global scale" criminal operations.
30.10.2013 10:24 Markets
Singapore and Hong Kong rank the world's best places to run a business, while mainland China remains far down the list.
29.10.2013 11:01 Finance
Doing Business presents quantitative indicators on business regulations and the protection of property rights that can be compared across 189 economies.
12.10.2013 19:06 Finance
World Bank President Jim Yong Kim on Friday announced a program to slash costs and reduce bureaucracy at the huge development organization that is expected to result in significant layoffs.
12.10.2013 19:06 Education
Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani schoolgirl activist who has become a world champion of girls' rights, called Friday for the World Bank to make education its top priority.
08.10.2013 12:41 Finance
The Palestinian economy could expand by over a third if Israel were to lift its restrictions on about 60 percent of the West Bank that it controls.
28.09.2013 11:33 Finance
The World Bank removed Iran from its list of deadbeat borrowers Friday, saying the Islamic Republic had paid outstanding loan amounts.
11.07.2013 16:55 Education
Online education service Coursera announced a fresh round of funding from the investment arm of the World Bank and other backers.
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