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04.02.2015 15:08 Companies
Toyota raised its earnings forecast for the year to March, saying it expects to book a record $18.1 billion annual net profit thanks to a weak yen and cost cuts.
30.01.2015 15:56 Companies
Toyota said it would come back to the World Rally Championship in 2017, nearly two decades after the Japanese auto giant withdrew from the motor sports event.
06.01.2015 13:32 Companies
Toyota will give away thousands of patents for its fuel-cell cars, it said Tuesday, in an effort to encourage other automakers into the new industry.
24.10.2014 15:31 Companies
Shares in Japanese auto giant Toyota advanced in Tokyo trade following a report it is set to book a record operating profit in the six-month period to September.
30.09.2014 12:13 Companies
Toyota said it was recalling about 690,000 Tacoma pickup trucks in the United States to fix a suspension system flaw that could result in vehicle fires.
29.07.2014 03:00 Auto
Nissan said Monday that net profit for the April-June quarter soared 37 percent to $1.1 billion, crediting robust overseas demand that offset weaker sales at home.
11.07.2014 15:11 Emergencies
A Toyota Carina has caught fire and then exploded in Aktau city.
17.06.2014 23:33 Industry, Infrastructure
Production of Toyota Fortuner offroaders has been kick-started in Kostanay, in northern Kazakhstan.
23.05.2014 14:35 Auto
Toyota on Friday said it is recalling about 520,000 vehicles, mostly in North America, over several issues including cable corrosion that could see unused spare tyres fall off.
21.04.2014 12:24 Auto
Leading automakers gathered in Beijing Sunday for China's biggest car show, expressing confidence in the world's largest car market even though lacklustre economic growth and environmental restrictions have generated uncertainty.
11.04.2014 18:25 Markets
Kazakhstani sellers of car spare parts have finally been permitted to use Toyota trademark on they advertisement banners and leaflets.
24.03.2014 14:48 Auto
Employees at Toyota's auto assembly plants in southern India failed to return to work Monday at the end of a week-long lockout after refusing to sign codes of conduct, their union said.
17.03.2014 11:14 Industry, Infrastructure
Toyota said Monday it has suspended production at its two Indian auto assembly plants in response to threats against management and "deliberate" assembly-line stoppages, as efforts to hammer out a labour deal failed.
15.02.2014 11:20 Auto
Two days after its huge global recall of Prius hybrids, Toyota recalled another 260,000 cars and pickup trucks in the United States Friday for electrical problems involving the brakes.
12.02.2014 17:00 Auto
Japanese auto giant Toyota said Wednesday it was recalling 1.9 million of its Prius hybrid cars around the world because of a fault that might cause the vehicle to slow down suddenly.
11.02.2014 10:18 Markets
Toyota on Monday said it will stop making cars in Australia in less than four years, banging the final nail in the coffin of country's auto industry, despite appeals to stay by Prime Minister Tony Abbott.
16.01.2014 10:25 Auto
Austerity is over. With a megafast track-ready Corvette, a muscular new Mustang, and a tougher WRX, the auto industry put on its best display of speed and power in years at its annual Detroit show.
14.01.2014 15:06 Auto
General Motors' Chevrolet unit swept car and truck of the year honors but Ford's use of aluminum in its F150 sparked new debate on the first day of the Detroit auto show Monday.
12.01.2014 13:13 Companies
Toyota Motor is aiming to produce more than 10 million vehicles in 2014, a bullish target that could boost other industries in Japan, a report said Saturday.
16.12.2013 13:49 Markets
Almaty Toyota spare part traders say that the scheme proposed by official Toyota brand representative in Kazakhstan is cost-inefficient .
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