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08.07.2016 17:23 Industry, Infrastructure
US oil giant Chevron announced Tuesday a $36.8 billion expansion project in Kazakhstan, the first major investment since the oil-price rout.
01.10.2015 20:11 Politics
10th Eurasian KazEnergy Forum has gathered 2000 participants for three days in Kazakhstana's Astana city.
01.04.2015 00:34 Companies
Projects for expansion of production capacity at Tengiz oil and gas field in Western Kazakhstan have seen their price tag soar. By $15 billion!
16.06.2014 18:59 Industry, Infrastructure
European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso declared that EU will resume the development of the Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline (TCP).
25.02.2014 13:40 Companies
TengizChevrOil brought its direct payments into the Kazakhstan budget to $15 billion in 2013.
29.10.2013 21:01 Markets
The consortium has already designated the Aktau tanker to transport crude from Aktau to Baku to be further pumped to the pipeline.
23.08.2013 18:46 Companies
Kazakhstan engineering companies are eager to produce equipment for Chevron and TengizChevroil.
30.04.2013 18:28 Environment
The video shows an emission of untreated sulfur dioxide at TengizChevrOil plant at Atyrau field in Kazakhstan.
05.04.2013 17:35 Markets
In 2012 Kazakhstan produced a total of 79.211 million tons, including condensed gas, 1.1% down as compared to 2011.
04.04.2013 17:10 Politics
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev took part in the celebration ceremony of the 20th anniversary of TengizChevroil establishment.
18.02.2013 18:41 Companies
TengizChevroil is only imitating teeming activity in development of local content in Kazakhstan: KPS Steel.
15.01.2013 15:52 Emergencies
Several violations were discovered by the state commission during an off-schedule check of TengizChevrOil after the blackout caused by turbines failure.
04.01.2013 14:41 Emergencies
A partial failure in power supply happened in relation to problems in the work of one of the energy-producing turbines, as well as the failure in KEGOC system: TCO.
12.09.2012 17:02 Crime
5 terrorists dead, 1 officer heavily wounded in near Atyrau. The police operation is linked to the recent explosion in the Kazakhstan city.
27.10.2011 15:40 Companies
TCO made a blow-out of unconditioned gas exceeding the standards in July 2010.
22.09.2011 14:58 Kazakhstan
Oil production output at Tengiz in 2010 made up 26 million tons.
18.05.2011 15:19 Companies
Kazakhstan Agency for Natural Monopolies Regulation is at law with TengizChevroil over low gas price for Kazakhstan local market.