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10.09.2012 16:30 Finance
France's richest man and LVMH boss Bernard Arnault said Sunday he was not becoming a tax exile, despite seeking Belgian nationality as Paris moves to impose a 75-percent wealth tax.
10.09.2012 12:19 Finance
France's Socialist President Francois Hollande pledged 30 billion euros in new taxes and savings to balance the budget and fund a turnaround in two years, and rejected criticism of dragging his feet.
14.08.2012 17:51 Laws, Initiatives
Final decision will be made in a few days: official.
14.02.2012 18:32 Laws, Initiatives
Introduction of a luxury tax in Kazakhstan will force rich people to hide their incomes: Azat Peruashev.
07.02.2012 18:27 Politics
New chairman was introduced to Kazakhstan Tax Commission.
13.12.2011 19:13 Finance
The Tax Commission of Kazakhstan Ministry of Finance has completed a tax inspection of Karachaganak Petroleum Operating.
01.11.2011 12:35 Finance
The Tax Commission of Kazakhstan Ministry of Finance exceeded the target on refilling the budget.
03.10.2011 13:47 Kazakhstan
Investors are to be exempted from corporate income tax, land and property tax: Minister of Industry and New Technologies Asset Issekeshev.
07.09.2011 16:56 Finance
Ak Zhol democratic party is suggesting to exempt newly established small and medium businesses from taxes for 3 years from the moment of their foundation.
02.09.2011 12:52 Kazakhstan
We do not introduce any new taxes, nor do we raise tax rates. Why can’t this be used to attract international companies to get registered in Kazakhstan to the benefit of Kazakhstan: Head of the Finance Ministry’s Tax Committee.
09.08.2011 11:26 Kazakhstan
Earlier the country’s media reported that tax returns would be introduced as a pilot project in 2012.
02.08.2011 01:16 Kazakhstan
Among other things, Tax Committee seeks to launch electronic auction platform to sell distrained property.
29.07.2011 03:10 Kazakhstan
This growth is assigned to growing employment coupled with salary raises: Vice Finance Minister Ruslan Dalenov.
06.07.2011 13:37 Finance
Institute of Political Solutions polled 2,302 people on their attitude towards profits declaration.
08.06.2011 00:51 Kazakhstan
June 7 Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia signed an agreement on avoidance of double taxation and prevention of tax evasion.
04.05.2011 14:33 CIS
The number of enterprises with Russian capital has grown nearly 10% in Kazakhstan for the last year: Finance Ministry Tax Committee.
29.04.2011 10:51 Kazakhstan
Almaty Entrepreneurs Association Viktor Yambayev calls the government to liberalize business environment, lower taxes, clarify legislations.
24.04.2011 12:44 Finance
43 thousand of individual entrepreneurs of Almaty are awaiting simplification of tax reporting.
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