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MP accused Kazakhstan Economic Ministry of lobbying for tobacco companies 23 октября 2012, 18:28

The deputy was outraged at the new draft law on taxation presented in the lower chamber of Kazakhstan Parliament.
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Majilis Deputy Nurtai Sabilyanov. ©Danial Okasov Majilis Deputy Nurtai Sabilyanov. ©Danial Okasov
Kazakhstan Majilis deputy Nurtai Sabilyanov accused Kazakhstan Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of lobbying interests of tobacco companies, Tengrinews.kz reports . The deputy was outraged at the new draft tax law presented to the lower chamber of Kazakhstan Parliament. In particular, the document provides for "exemption from excise tax for tobacco made in Kazakhstan and intended for export and during their movement". "You have amend the Tax Code with the exemption for Kazakhstan-made tobacco. In my view, this is your mistake. On the contrary, we have to raise the excise taxes. First of all, this will generate additional revenues into the budget and secondly, it will help improve the people's health. Has your ministry got a group lobbing for tobacco-producers in its ranks?" Sabilyanov told Minister of Economic Development and Trade Yerbolat Dossayev. The Minister replied that he supported raise of excise taxes on tobacco that stayed at Kazakhstan market, but export as another thing. According to Dossayev, expert has to be facilitated and increased. There are two tobacco companies in Kazakhstan, he reminded. "Export is controlled well: crossing the border means crossing the border," he said. "I have worked in business and stop telling me fairy-tales. How is this done? it's very simple. This is a corruptive regulation and we will end up poisoning our people and the people of Russia," Sabilyanov said. "If you mean re-export: export first and then return back into the country, I can assure you that we are interested is not letting it happen in our country," Minister replied. "We have to motivate them. I don't smoke, but I can see that half of those who smoke, they smoke imported tobacco. That's why instead of filling someone's pockets, let's fill ours," Dossayev said. By Renat Tashkinbayev

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