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Новости по теме: Romania По вашему запросу найдено: 46 материалов
11.08.2016 17:51 Sport
Germany's weightlifting coach has called for seven countries, including Kazakhstan, to be banned from international competition/
28.07.2016 16:57 Crime
Kazakhstan's state oil company KazMunaiGas on Wednesday threatened to seek international arbitration against Bucharest.
25.05.2016 16:41 Politics
Popescu-Tariceanu is accused of making "declarations not in line with reality" concerning his links with several Romanian and Israeli businessmen who have already been charged, thus "hindering the course of justice".
11.11.2015 17:47 Disasters
Four more people have died of injuries sustained in a devastating nightclub blaze in Romania, taking the toll in the inferno that brought down the government to 50.
09.11.2015 15:25 Unrest
Romania's president appealed for protesters' support in reforming the country, as the death toll rose to 45 from a horrific nightclub fire that brought down the government
05.11.2015 15:15 Politics
Romania's embattled Prime Minister Victor Ponta resigned, after a deadly nightclub blaze prompted mass demonstrations, but his move failed to stop tens of thousands from taking to the streets for a second night.
02.11.2015 11:11 Disasters
Thousands of people marched in central Bucharest to honour the victims of a weekend disco fire as the death toll from the tragedy climbed to 30.
25.06.2015 14:39 Laws, Initiatives
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has endorsed the law On ratification of treaty between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Bulgaria on extradition
16.12.2014 11:35 Politics
Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta's revamped government sailed through a vote of confidence in parliament.
03.09.2014 12:04 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has appointed a number of new ambassadors of Kazakhstan.
14.04.2014 12:05 Politics
The Ukraine crisis is turning the clock back 30 years for NATO and Russia with the return to propaganda methods and suspicions last seen during the Cold War.
11.04.2014 10:49 Health
Bee venom to combat multiple sclerosis, pollen for indigestion, honey to heal wounds -- the humble bee has been a key source of alternative medicines since ancient times, and Romania is working to keep the tradition of "apitherapy" alive.
07.04.2014 15:30 Unrest
Thousands took to the streets of Romania on Sunday to protest against plans by US energy giant Chevron to drill for shale gas.
19.03.2014 10:23 Cinema, Music
The One World Romania international human rights documentary film festival which opened in Bucharest on Monday reviews the struggles of eastern Europe since the collapse of communism 25 years ago.
09.12.2013 14:16 Companies
Chevron said Sunday it has restarted work on its first shale gas exploration well in Romania, a day after protests forced the US energy giant to suspend the operation.
25.11.2013 12:43 Finance
Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang arrives in Romania on Monday ahead of a summit with 16 Central and Eastern European leaders keen to woo investment from the world's number two economy.
01.10.2013 10:05 Unrest
Thousands of people marched against a Canadian company's plans to open Europe's largest gold mine at Rosia Montana, in what has become one of the longest-running protests in post-communist Romania.
28.09.2013 16:30 Finance
The International Monetary Fund approved Friday a standby loan of nearly two billion euros ($2.7 billion) to match a backup loan of the same size requested from the EU.
24.09.2013 10:22 Environment
Thousands of Romanians took to the streets on Sunday in a fourth week of protests against a Canadian company's plan to open Europe's largest gold mine in a picturesque Transylvanian village.
02.09.2013 18:40 Unrest
Thousands of people took to the streets of Romania on Sunday to protest against shale gas exploration and a controversial Canadian gold mine project using cyanide.
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