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23.06.2015 12:49 Unrest
Riot police in the Armenian capital early used water cannon to disperse several hundred demonstrators protesting a government hike in electricity prices.
22.06.2015 14:06 Unrest
Campaigners protesting China's annual dog meat festival were forcibly dispersed by unidentified men as they attempted to rally outside a government office.
13.06.2015 15:44 Unrest
Burundi's opposition late Friday slammed the election commission for steering the country towards a controversial presidential vote next month.
13.06.2015 11:39 Unrest
A member of punk protest group Pussy Riot and a fellow activist were arrested at a demonstration in Moscow demanding better conditions for women held in Russian prisons.
07.06.2015 10:57 Unrest
At least 10 people were injured and 25 arrested in Kiev as scuffles broke out between members of a rare Ukrainian gay pride march and their nationalist foes.
05.06.2015 12:04 Unrest
Germany's anti-Islam PEGIDA movement has its sights set on gaining a political foothold when its eastern stronghold city of Dresden goes to the polls.
05.06.2015 10:52 Unrest
More than 30,000 people kicked off protests against a G7 summit starting at the weekend in the southern German state of Bavaria.
28.05.2015 15:47 Unrest
Several hundred protesters gathered in Brasilia to demand the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff after they completed a 1,000-kilometer (650-mile) march on the capital.
23.05.2015 10:51 Politics
Polls opened in Ireland for a historic referendum on allowing same-sex marriage that is backed by all the main political parties but opposed by the Catholic Church.
06.05.2015 13:36 Entertainment, Style
Prince announced a peace concert in Baltimore on Mother's Day after the death in police custody of an African American man sparked sometimes violent protests.
04.05.2015 13:07 Unrest
Baltimore lifted a curfew that was imposed across the US East Coast city following widespread riots, as thousands of National Guard troops began to pull out.
02.05.2015 16:08 Unrest
More than two dozen protesters including a leading human rights activist and opposition politicians were detained overnight in Malaysia.
02.05.2015 13:25 Unrest
Several hundred people protested in New York demanding police reform and justice for the African-American man who died from injuries sustained in custody in Baltimore.
02.05.2015 10:48 Unrest
Bare-chested Femen activists making Nazi salutes disrupted a speech by France's far-right leader Marine Le Pen at her National Front party's traditional May 1 rally in Paris.
17.04.2015 15:24 Unrest
A Hong Kong pro-democracy protester apparently assaulted by police -- in a beating captured on video.
13.04.2015 14:43 Unrest
Hundreds of thousands of Brazilians took to the streets, venting anger over government corruption and economic drift a month after larger protests gathered.
04.04.2015 12:30 Laws, Initiatives
Protesters waving Australian flags and carrying signs such as "Yes Australia. No Sharia" rallied around the country.
27.03.2015 10:10 Unrest
Thousands marched in Mexico City to mark six months since the disappearance of 43 college students.
25.03.2015 10:49 Religion
Thousands of Salvadorans marched in memory of slain archbishop Oscar Romero, who was assassinated 35 years ago during the country's civil war.
17.03.2015 15:01 Politics
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff pledged to hold talks with her growing number of critics and said her embattled government needed to show humility.
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