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©Yaroslav Radlovskiy Almaty drivers will protest against fuel prices hikes with a flash-mob Almaty car-owners are arranging a flash-mob to protest against fuel prices raise.
25 августа 2011
Kazakhstan youth does not believe in promises of Education Ministry. Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan youth does not trust educational deposits Kazakhstan youth organizations do not trust educational deposits system and keep collecting signatures against the innovation.
04 июня 2011
©Aizhan Tugelbayeva Kazakhstan young people against educational deposits Kazakhstan youth organizations disagree with the Education Ministry's decision to introduce educational deposits.
02 мая 2011
Marat Maksudov. Photo courtesy of Former Almaty judge took off his pants in the airport Former judge of Medeu regional court of Almaty Marat Maksudov passed the checking in Almaty airport without his pants on.
21 апреля 2011

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