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10.12.2012 17:45 Politics
Egypt's main opposition parties were to meet late Sunday to decide whether to keep up street protests against President Mohamed Morsi after the Islamist leader made a key concession in the crisis dividing the nation.
10.12.2012 12:17 Finance
Thousands of Spanish health workers clad in white medical garb marched in Madrid on Sunday in a fresh protest against government health cuts and privatisation plans, just days after a similar demonstration.
10.12.2012 11:47 Unrest
Six people were injured on Sunday as Sudanese police clashed with hundreds of protesters showing support for four dead students originally from the conflict-plagued Darfur region.
09.12.2012 12:43 Religion
Myanmar's government has apologised to senior Buddhist clerics over injuries sustained in a violent police crackdown on a rally at a Chinese-backed copper mine.
09.12.2012 12:20 Politics
A protest aimed at disrupting Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade talks in New Zealand turned violent Saturday as demonstrators attacked security forces.
09.12.2012 10:31 Politics
The streets of Cairo were calm early Saturday after a huge but peaceful protest overnight against President Mohamed Morsi, who has greatly expanded his powers and is pushing for disputed constitutional reform.
08.12.2012 15:41 Unrest
Police in a south China city bordering Vietnam clashed with thousands of rioters who were protesting excessive brutality meted out to a suspected smuggler.
08.12.2012 13:43 Unrest
More than 1,000 Shiite Muslims marched in the streets of New York on Friday to voice their anger at the Pakistani government and the Taliban for what they called a "genocide" in their community.
08.12.2012 11:37 Politics
US President Barack Obama expressed "deep concern" Thursday over the recent deadly political protests in Egypt, in a call to his counterpart Mohamed Morsi.
07.12.2012 17:29 Unrest
Egypt's Islamist President Mohamed Morsi has defied calls to curb his sweeping powers or suspend proposed changes to the constitution.
06.12.2012 17:46 Unrest
Five demonstrators died overnight Thursday in the worst violence since Mohamed Morsi became Egypt's first Islamist president in June.
06.12.2012 10:01 Politics
Hundreds of protesters woke up Wednesday in front of the presidential palace, the new focus of protests against President Mohamed Morsi, as an already-polarised Egypt slipped deeper into crisis.
05.12.2012 10:02 Politics
The Kuwaiti opposition is to stage a demonstration at the weekend to protest against the new parliament which was elected amid a huge boycott.
01.12.2012 16:28 People
Archbishop Desmond Tutu and two other Nobel Peace laureates have written to the foundation in protest at the decision to award the 2012 prize to the European Union.
29.11.2012 12:57 Crime
Thousands of workers protested for a third day Wednesday after Bangladesh's worst garment factory fire as police arrested three managers over claims they stopped employees from leaving the burning plant.
28.11.2012 18:27 Unrest
Tens of thousands have packed Tahrir Square to protest a power grab by Mohamed Morsi, piling pressure on Egypt's Islamist president as he faces his most divisive crisis since taking power in June.
25.11.2012 18:34 Politics
Thai police fired tear gas and detained dozens of people as tensions flared at an anti-government protest Saturday in Bangkok, the scene of several outbreaks of violent unrest in recent years.
24.11.2012 17:34 Unrest
Anti-riot police fired tear gas on Saturday to disperse protesters camped out in Cairo's Tahrir Square as Western governments voiced growing concern over Islamist President Mohamed Morsi's assumption of sweeping powers.
22.11.2012 12:11 Unrest
San Francisco lawmakers voted Tuesday to outlaw most public nudity, despite protests in the famously free and easy California city -- including a naked demo outside City Hall.
20.11.2012 13:10 People
Thousands of Catholics and other opponents of French government plans to legalise gay marriage and same-sex adoption marched in Paris on Sunday.