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02.09.2013 17:52 Unrest
Turkish police Sunday blocked the entrance to Istanbul's Gezi Park, the epicentre of anti-government protests in June, to prevent a demonstration against a possible military intervention in Syria.
02.09.2013 15:31 Unrest
Protestors threw rocks and firebombs at police who responded with tear gas in Mexico City on Sunday during a demonstration against President Enrique Pena Nieto's reform agenda.
26.08.2013 13:52 Environment
Greenpeace activists paraglided to the top of the main stand of the Belgian Grand Prix on Sunday to protest against drilling in the Arctic by the race's main sponsor, the Shell oil giant.
26.08.2013 11:05 Unrest
Tens of thousands of people gathered in a central Manila park on Monday to protest against embedded corruption in the Philippine political system after a rallying call on Facebook and Twitter.
24.08.2013 17:01 Unrest
Thousands of teachers severely disrupted access to Mexico City's international airport on Friday, forcing some travelers to abandon cars and roll suitcases on foot during a protest against education reform.
16.08.2013 19:22 Unrest
Egypt's Islamists called for a "Friday of anger" in Cairo after nearly 600 people were killed following a crackdown on their protest camps, as the UN urged "maximum restraint" from all sides.
12.08.2013 14:11 Unrest
Supporters of ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi rallied on Sunday to demand his reinstatement, even as officials said a "gradual" break-up of their protest camps was imminent.
09.08.2013 10:20 Unrest
Egypt's government vowed to remove Islamist protest camps after it said foreign mediation had failed, sparking fears of a violent end to the month-old standoff since president Mohamed Morsi's ouster.
08.08.2013 14:12 Unrest
Several hundred Moroccans took to the streets late Wednesday to protest against the king's pardon of a convicted Spanish paedophile and demand more independence for the judiciary.
07.08.2013 10:00 Crime
A Turkish court on Monday sentenced a former army chief to life in prison in a high-profile trial of 275 people accused of plotting against the Islamic-rooted government.
03.08.2013 14:33 People
Moroccan police on Friday dispersed a crowd of several thousand people protesting against a royal pardon handed to a Spanish man reportedly convicted of raping 11 children.
02.08.2013 16:23 Politics
Protests in Turkey may have died down but they are by no means over, predicts the country's "Standing Man", who pioneered a novel form of resistance to Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Islamic-rooted government.
01.08.2013 14:04 Politics
Egypt's cabinet Wednesday ordered a police crackdown on protests by ousted president Mohamed Morsi's loyalists.
31.07.2013 11:27 Unrest
Brazilian riot police fired tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets to disperse extremist protesters who ransacked bank branches, shops and a car dealership in central Sao Paulo.
25.07.2013 11:06 Crime
One of the jailed members of Russian punk band Pussy Riot on Wednesday asked again to be released on parole after serving almost a year in prison.
24.07.2013 15:30 Unrest
Bulgarian protesters clashed with police on the 40th evening of massive anti-government rallies in the EU's poorest country Tuesday after preventing ministers.
18.07.2013 10:32 Unrest
Young Brazilians who marched in June to demand more funding for health and education are hoping Pope Francis will back their cause when he visits Rio next week.
17.07.2013 14:48 Unrest
Los Angeles' mayor announced the deployment of extra police Tuesday to prevent more violent protests over the Trayvon Martin trial.
16.07.2013 12:33 Crime
As a judge prepares to give his verdict Thursday in the fraud trial of Russian protest leader Alexei Navalny, a growing number of President Vladimir Putin's opponents are facing trial and the prospect of long prison terms.
15.07.2013 12:33 Crime
President Barack Obama appealed to Americans for restraint Sunday amid anger from civil rights activists and public protests against the acquittal of a man who gunned down an unarmed black teenager.