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27.01.2014 12:19 Unrest
Several thousand people marched through Paris on Sunday in a "Day of Anger" against embattled President Francois Hollande which ended in clashes between police and protesters.
26.01.2014 01:47 Unrest
Brazil was bracing Saturday for a first wave of nationwide demonstrations against staging the World Cup after activists from the radical protest group Anonymous went on social media calling for action.
26.01.2014 01:13 Unrest
Protesters and Ukrainian police were on Saturday still locked in a tense standoff in Kiev after a night of sporadic clashes that erupted despite a truce and offer of concessions by President Viktor Yanukovych.
24.01.2014 11:40 Politics
Thailand's embattled government faces a key court ruling Friday on whether it can go ahead with a fiercely disputed election despite threats by opposition protesters to block the vote.
23.01.2014 18:00 Unrest
Ukraine's opposition threatened to go on the attack on Thursday unless the government agreed to concessions to quell protests that have left five activists dead in the first fatalities of two months of anti-government rallies.
23.01.2014 13:46 Unrest
Russia will not intervene in the raging anti-government protests in Ukraine and believes its leadership will find a way out.
22.01.2014 16:02 Unrest
Ukrainian police on Wednesday broke through the barricades built by protesters at the scene of clashes in Kiev as activists said that one person had been shot dead by the security forces.
21.01.2014 16:47 Unrest
Russia warned Tuesday that clashes between opposition and police in Ukraine were getting out of control and slammed the EU's "indecent" support of the protest movement against President Viktor Yanukovych.
20.01.2014 10:40 Unrest
The flames from buses set ablaze lit up the night sky, protesters dug up stones from the pavement to hurl at police and the stench of tear gas hung thick in Kiev.
19.01.2014 12:11 Unrest
Pro-EU Ukrainians were reinforcing barricades in Kiev on Saturday ahead of a new mass rally, despite President Viktor Yanukovych signing legislation that placed strict curbs on protests, which drew condemnation from the West.
08.01.2014 15:54 Art, Books
The long-running opposition protests on Kiev's central Independence Square are becoming a "school for revolution" as the country's leaders lose touch with society, top Ukrainian novelist Andrey Kurkov told AFP.
06.01.2014 02:51 Politics
At least 11 people were killed Friday in clashes across Egypt as police dispersed thousands of protesters demanding the reinstatement of deposed Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, the health ministry said.
05.01.2014 15:48 Unrest
Dozens of polling booths were torched on the eve of Bangladesh's violence-plagued election Saturday as the opposition staged a general strike in a final act of defiance against the "farcical" polls.
05.01.2014 14:41 Unrest
Cambodian authorities Saturday dispersed opposition protesters from their rally base in the capital and halted further protests against the kingdom's strongman premier, a day after police launched a deadly crackdown on striking garment workers.
03.01.2014 12:08 Unrest
Cambodian police opened fire on protesting garment workers on the outskirts of the capital Phnom Penh on Friday, leaving several people wounded.
30.12.2013 11:23 Environment
The last of the 26 foreign Greenpeace activists who were detained after an Arctic protest flew out of Russia on Sunday, the group announced, finally ending a saga that had caused global concern.
30.12.2013 10:12 Unrest
A gunman opened fire at an opposition rally in Thailand Saturday in a deadly attack that inflamed tensions in the politically divided kingdom, where anti-government protesters wreaked fresh havoc in election preparations.
27.12.2013 18:17 Politics
Thailand said Friday that it would ask the army to provide security for February elections after violent clashes between police and opposition protesters left two people dead and more than 150 wounded.
27.12.2013 11:32 Unrest
Thai police fired tear gas and rubber bullets Thursday as clashes broke out with protesters trying to prevent political parties registering for elections, leaving dozens wounded and forcing officials to flee by helicopter.
26.12.2013 15:37 Unrest
Bangladesh deployed tens of thousands of troops on Thursday in a bid to contain deadly political violence ahead of elections next month which are being boycotted by the opposition.