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13.05.2014 13:54 Cinema, Music
The widow of the man who was driving a sports car when it crashed, killing him and "Fast and Furious" star Paul Walker last year, is suing Porsche.
20.03.2014 10:15 Auto
Porsche, the German maker of luxury sports cars, said Wednesday it is recalling all 911 GT3 models built this year due to risk of possible engine fire.
05.03.2014 11:55 Auto
Massive or small, affordable or off-the scale pricey: urban sports utility vehicles abound at the Geneva Motor Show, with luxury carmakers speeding into the lucrative market.
22.01.2014 16:22 Internet
A Porsche-driving British wealth manager in Singapore who referred to public transport commuters as "poor people" has apologised after his Facebook posts sparked an online furore.
04.12.2013 11:37 Emergencies
Police in the US city where "Fast and Furious" star Paul Walker died warned fans Monday against "burning rubber" near the spot where he was killed, as they probed the fatal car crash.
20.11.2013 15:25 Auto
Eco-friendly cars were in the spotlight as the Tokyo Motor Show opened Wednesday, with Toyota unveiling a new model and Nissan touting its aerodynamic BladeGlider for energy-conscious drivers.
06.06.2011 16:50 Kazakhstan
The 10 y.o. girl who was run over by Porsche Cayenne died in Almaty hospital.