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14.11.2015 12:38 Disasters
Sirens blaring, blood on the roads, weeping relatives: nightmare scenes played out on the streets of Paris on Friday night as at least 120 people were killed in simultaneous attacks.
10.11.2015 16:42 Companies
Kazakh National Holding Baiterek has signed an agreement with Peugeot Citroën to set up full-cycle assembly of cars in Kostanay, Kazakhstan.
10.11.2015 14:05 Politics
Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev had a meeting with President of France Francois Hollande as part of his official visit to France on November 6.
05.11.2015 17:07 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has arrived in Paris for an official visit.
06.10.2015 14:57 Entertainment, Style
On the Paris catwalk, a reappearance of bandanas -- those paisley kerchiefs that were hot back in the 1970s, remember? -- proved the lesson that old can become trendy again if you just wait long enough.
10.08.2015 12:36 Cinema, Music
Kerbez folk ensemble of Semey Phillarmonic Hall named after Amre Kashaubayev in eastern Kazakhstan will perform in Paris.
06.08.2015 19:05 Art, Books
Kazakhstani photographer Veronika Lerner’s work was presented at the exhibition in the Louvre.
30.05.2015 11:52 Entertainment, Style
Too much love can be a bad thing: Paris city officials, exasperated with lovers sealing their passion by clipping padlocks all over the city, are set to remove 45 tonnes of the locks next week.
20.04.2015 12:47 Entertainment, Style
Don Draper, the central and serially seductive character of the hit TV show "Mad Men", is actually a "very weak man", his creator told a Paris audience.
05.02.2015 01:56 Entertainment, Style
A team of make-up artists and hairdressers of Nurlan Alimkhodzhayev from Astana has been invited by a Kazakhstani designer to take part in the Paris Fashion Week.
23.01.2015 13:23 Entertainment, Style
Men seeking inspiration from the Paris menswear shows in full swing are apt to find themselves looking at geometrical clothes with a sporty bent.
21.10.2014 14:13 Art, Books
Emerging from the woods at the edge of Paris like a glass ship, the hyper-modern Louis Vuitton art museum was inaugurated on Monday.
16.10.2014 22:17 Cinema, Music
The Astana Opera artists will perform at the Opera Bastille in Paris on November 2.
07.10.2014 13:29 Unrest
Two members of the Femen feminist movement staged a bare-breasted protest on the roof of the Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris.
06.10.2014 11:56 Unrest
Thousands took to the streets in Paris and Bordeaux to demonstrate for what protesters called "traditional family values" and against assisted pregnancies.
29.09.2014 21:58 Politics
Kazakh Lower Chamber MP asked the head of the Anti-Corruption Agency about ways to improve Kazakhstan's rating in the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index.
18.09.2014 11:15 Environment
A UN summit on climate change will see the world "change course" and begin to seriously tackle global warming.
02.09.2014 14:27 Disasters
The death toll from an explosion in an apartment building outside Paris rose to eight .
26.08.2014 14:14 Entertainment, Style
With the setting sun glittering on the Hudson, people turned out for the fourth edition of "Diner en blanc" (Dinner in White), dressed to the nines.
22.08.2014 13:10 Politics
It was August 25, 1944, French and American armoured units burst into Paris to assure its liberation - an event marked all this week in the city.
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