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07.06.2016 16:52 Politics
Residents of a border district in China's mostly Muslim region of Xinjiang must now provide DNA samples when applying for passports.
09.03.2016 18:30 Environment
The path out of oblivion for Przewalski's horse lies in getting on a plane to China, Mongolia and, most recently, the Russian steppes.
11.06.2015 01:57 Sport
56 y.o. Kostanay native Sergey Polikarpov has won the Spring Half Marathon in Omsk, Russia for the sixth time.
10.06.2015 18:30 Cinema, Music
The contemporary ethnic music festival The Spirit of Tengri aims to present yet unknown Kazakhstani ethnic musicians internationally.
10.06.2015 18:12 Cinema, Music
A young and ambitious band from Estonia Trad.Attack! has energized the crow with a contemporary take on traditional Estonian folklore.
06.06.2015 10:06 Cinema, Music
International contemporary ethnic music festival The Spirit of Tengri extends its geographic repertoire this year.
11.05.2015 01:20 Politics
Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan, has met with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the leaders of Azerbaijan, Cuba, Czech Republic, Mongolia, Serbia, South Africa, Venezuela during his official two-day visit to Moscow, Russia.
05.02.2015 01:21 Politics
Deputy Prie Minister of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev said that Kazakhstan's accession to the World Trade Organisation was hampered by two countries - Ukraine and Mongolia.
07.11.2014 14:39 Politics
Mongolian lawmakers will meet to start talks on choosing a new prime minister for the resource-rich country.
22.08.2014 15:01 Politics
Chinese President told Mongolia that Beijing respected its independence and integrity as he concluded a visit looking to forge closer ties.
21.08.2014 14:49 Politics
China's Xi Jinping began a two-day trip to neighbouring Mongolia with trade high on the agenda against a backdrop of resource nationalism.
19.05.2014 17:43 Crime
British millionaire Shoja Shojai suspected of confining women in his harem against their will in a mansion near Marbella was arrested in Spain.
04.04.2014 12:22 Emergencies
South Korean coastguard units searched Friday for survivors of a cargo ship with 16 North Korean crew that sank with the loss of at least two lives off the South's southern coast.
11.03.2014 11:53 Science, Technologies
A pleasantly warm and wet spell in central Mongolia eight centuries ago may have propelled the rise of Genghis Khan.
27.06.2013 16:20 Politics
Preliminary results from Mongolia's presidential election suggested that the front-running incumbent is poised to secure a second term.
26.06.2013 15:39 Politics
Mongolians headed to the polls Wednesday for a presidential election with the three candidates promising fairer wealth distribution from a spectacular mining boom that has raised questions over the role of foreign investors.
11.12.2012 17:56 Environment
On the streets of Ulan Bator a people renowned for their horse riding skills have to contend every day with ever more Hummers, Land Cruisers and Range Rovers.
18.08.2012 14:30 Entertainment, Style
Beauty queens from all over the planet made final preparations to compete for the Miss World title Saturday in a Chinese mining city on the edge of the Gobi desert.
26.07.2012 13:32 Sport
The eight tons of gold, silver and copper unearthed from mines in Mongolia and Utah and now under guard at the Tower of London is the largest ever haul used to make Olympic medals.
10.07.2012 10:37 Politics
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Mongolia Monday as part of an Asian tour aimed at promoting democracy, as local politicians were locked in dispute over recent elections.
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