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Latin alphabet

Новости по теме: Latin-alphabet По вашему запросу найдено: 10 материалов
20.12.2014 18:23 Politics
President Barack Obama had turned the tables on US policy toward Latin America, neglected by Washington for much of this century.
24.04.2014 03:17 Environment
Peruvian authorities announced an investigation Tuesday into the killing of five penguins fund slashed to death at a center for endangered species.
25.01.2013 23:14 Politics
At a press-conference in Moscow today Kazakhstan’s Foreign Minister dispelled Russia’s concerns over alleged geopolitical shifts behind Kazakhstan’s decision to have the language shifted to the Latin alphabet.
18.01.2013 13:05 Politics
According to him, this decision is driven by the necessity to develop the language.
09.01.2013 22:48 Politics
Some people groundlessly regard the decision as a sign of Kazakhstan’s political preferences changing: President Nazarbayev.
25.12.2012 14:31 Politics
A special working group is to be formed shortly to gather suggestions and recommendations and outline a plan of further actions, including development of a new font and rules of its use.
17.12.2012 15:16 Politics
Kazakh strongman Nursultan Nazarbayev on Friday called for a modernisation drive to turn the energy-rich Central Asian country into of the world's most developed, including a switch to the Latin alphabet.
16.12.2012 23:00 Politics
Currently Kazakh language relies on the Cyrillic alphabet.
07.09.2011 10:31 Kazakhstan
Linguists have shortlisted Latin-based Kazakh alphabet versions to 4, with the number of letters varying from 29 to 33.
08.06.2011 01:35 Kazakhstan
“The issue is very serious. I am not the one to take the ultimate decision”, the Minister said.
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