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05.08.2014 16:03 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan's biggest telecommunications operator KazakhTelecom has introduced a single dial-in number for its reverse charge call service.
03.05.2013 14:04 Companies
Kazakhstan national telecommunications company KazakhTelecom has purchased 100-percent of Digital TV.
25.04.2013 15:35 Science, Technologies
4G network brought KazakhTelecom 100 million tenge of profits in three months.
14.03.2013 18:56 Internet
There has been an accident at one of the internet providers' facilities, not at KazakhTelecom's ones, but outside of Kazakhstan.
12.02.2013 14:13 Companies
The company's last year's financial soundness indicators are within the standard range and have a positive dynamics compared to 2011.
03.12.2012 11:33 Industry, Infrastructure
A pilot 4G network based on LongTermEvolution (LTE) technology will be launched in Astana and Almaty by December 20.
28.11.2012 16:53 Companies
Net profit of KazakhTelecom made 216 billion tenge in January-September 2012, which is 5.4 times more than in the same period of 2011.
26.09.2012 19:28 Internet
Kazakhstan's KazakhTelecom has introduced Microsoft Lync.
04.06.2012 10:16 Companies
KazakhTelecom to invest about $400 million in Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology aiming at 4G network development.
16.04.2012 14:03 Internet
The hacker nicknamed Blizzard.EA stated on March 31 that he managed to hack logins and passwords of Megaline and IDPort services.
03.02.2012 15:03 Companies
Kazakhtelecom has closed the deal on selling its 49-percent stake in GSM Kazakhstan.
02.02.2012 14:19 Companies
GSM Kazakhstan is a mobile carrier providing its services under the brandnames of Kcell, Activ, Vegaline.
18.10.2011 17:35 Companies
One of the leaders of the cellular markets in Sweten and Switzerland will increase it's stake in GSM Kazakhstan Kazakhtelecom.
15.09.2011 14:58 Industry, Infrastructure
IT Director of KazakhTelecom announced launch of VideoBridge service that will allow users to hold video-conferences on the Internet.
20.08.2011 00:33 Kazakhstan
Kazakhtelecom National Telephone Operator told in its Twitter account that “blocking the access is not in line with the Company’s policy. There is no benefit for the Company”.
03.08.2011 18:08 Internet
Monthly pay for Megaline/iD Net Turbo, Turbo Plus, Turbo Light tariff plans lowered from 5845 tenge ($40) to 4600 tenge ($31).
24.06.2011 17:07 Science, Technologies
Microsoft and KazakhTelecom have signed a memorandum on cooperation in development of cloud technologies in Kazakhstan.
23.06.2011 15:50 Internet
Maximum rates for initial Internet access lowered 50% in a strive to lower rates for the final users.
22.06.2011 19:54 Internet
Key Kazakhstan provider KazakhTelecom will double Internet speed starting from July 1.
10.06.2011 17:20 Kazakhstan
Chairman of KazakhTelecom told about the company's plans to increase quality of Internet services in Kazakhstan.
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