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KazakhTelecom earns 100 million tenge on 4G network 25 апреля 2013, 15:35

4G network brought KazakhTelecom 100 million tenge of profits in three months.
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Chairman of KazakhTelecom Kuanyshbek Yessekeyev. Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy© Chairman of KazakhTelecom Kuanyshbek Yessekeyev. Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy©
4G network has brought KazakhTelecom 100 million tenge ($667 thousand) of profits, Tengrinews.kz reports citing chairman of KazakhTelecom Kuanyshbek Yessekeyev. “KazakhTelecom is currently implementing two projects: construction of FTTH network and introduction of Long Term Evolution or 4G. We have already connected Astana and Almaty to Long Term Evolution. This is the fourth generation of communications that allows to reach the average speed of 30 megabit on mobile devices. We currently have 30 thousand clients using this service. The service brought us 100 million tenge in the first three months,” Yessekeyev said at the meeting on investment activities of Samruk-Kazyna National Welfare Fund. He also added that the FTTH project would be finished by 2014 and would cover the whole Kazakhstan territory. “We are connecting 563 thousand buildings. This is optic fiber to every apartment. This will be all over Kazakhstan. The speed will increase by 30 megabit in the local network and will exceed the one distributed through telephone lines 12-fold,” Yessekeyev said. The new projects included construction of two data centers, KazakhTelecom head said. “One data center in Pavlodar and construction of the other data center in Akkol has already started,” the chairman added. By Baubek Konyrov

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