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28.10.2013 14:18 Entertainment, Style
Kazakhstan designer Aya Bapani has presented her new revealing semitransparent dresses with Kazakh national ornaments on the second day of the Kazakhstan Fashion Week.
27.10.2013 23:43 Entertainment, Style
Greek designer Vrettos Vrettakos presented the dress, ordered by the famous American R’n’B singer Beyonce for the Grammy Awards, at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week.
21.04.2011 14:15 Entertainment, Style
Kazakhstan fashion designer Kamila Kurbani will present a “changing” collection at the first day of Kazakhstan Fashion Week in Almaty.
21.04.2011 13:35 Entertainment, Style
Kazakhstan fashion designer Saltanat Baimukhamedova created a woman's fashion line in men's style for Kazakhstan Fashion Week.
21.04.2011 12:36 Entertainment, Style
Mechanical Piano brand will present a conceptual collection called White dreams and broken birds at Kazakhstan Fashion Week.