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Beyonce's Grammy dress presented at Kazakhstan Fashion Week 27 октября 2013, 23:43

Greek designer Vrettos Vrettakos presented the dress, ordered by the famous American R’n’B singer Beyonce for the Grammy Awards, at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week.
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Atelier Artisan. ©Aizhan Tugelbayeva Atelier Artisan. ©Aizhan Tugelbayeva
Greek designer Vrettos Vrettakos presented the dress, ordered by the famous American R’n’B singer Beyonce for the Grammy Awards, at the Kazakhstan Fashion Week that kicked off on October 25 in Almaty, Tengrinews reports. According to the designer, Beyonce saw the dress only on a photograph. The designer work is very popular among Western music divas. Victoria Beckham and Kylie Minogue appeared in public in the dresses made by Vrettos Vrettakos. Beyonce's Grammy Awards dress by Vrettos Vrettakos (Greece) Both Kazakhstan and foreign designers presented their collections on the runway on the first day of Kazakhstan Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2014. Atelier Artisan (Kazakhstan), Ainur Turisbek (Kazakhstan), Keti Chkhikvadze (Georgia), Mechanical Piano (Kazakhstan) and Nina Ruchkina (Russia) demonstrated their works in the 1st part and the second part featured collections of Aida Kaumenova (Kazakhstan), Sweet Dream (Germany), Fashion Centre (Belarus) and Vrettos Vrettakos (Greece). Atelier Artisan (Kazakhstan). ©Aizhan Tugelbayeva Atelier Artisan brand designers Sayat Dosybayev and Aleksey Chjen presented man and woman’s collections with prevailing black and white colors and plaid, striped and leopard dresses. New Spring-Summer 2014 collection of Kazakhstan designer Ainur Turisbek combined blue and green shades, with some brownish tones. Keti Chkhikvadze used mainly black linen and leather, with emphases in red and green. Very elegant dresses embroidered by pearls and fringes were matched with shoes without heels and metal chains that created a strict but glamorous image. Ainur Turisbek (Kazakhstan). ©Aizhan Tugelbayeva The famous Russian designer Nina Ruchkina showed the collection of luxury evening gowns. Her dresses were made with the use of her own technique of plaiting and embroidering. She used decorative materials, crystals and pearls for trimming. The Kazakhstan designer Aida Kaumenova presented her new collection inspired by Morocco. She combined national motifs with modernity to underline the beauty of Asian women, who were transformed into princesses when wearing the dresses of Aida Kaumenova. The German designer Svetlana Kushnerova based her collection on the contrast of lace and fine leather combining, demonstrating the duality of a woman's nature - her ability to be gentle and delicate, and at the same time alert and sexy. Keti Chkhikvadze (Georgia). ©Aizhan Tugelbayeva Kazakhstan designers Aigul Kassymova, Malique, LaRiya, Di Entre Si, Aya Bapani, Yerlan Zholdasbek and foreign designers Tiiu Roosma of Estonia with his brand Bon Bon Lingerie and Akananita from Georgia showed their collections on the second day of the Kazakhstan Fashion Week, on October 26. Nina Ruchkina (Russia). ©Aizhan Tugelbayeva
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