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15.04.2015 15:25 Politics
President Barack Obama hosted Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi at the White House and hailed the US-backed Iraqi forces' progress against the IS group.
09.04.2015 12:49 Politics
Iraq's premier said that the country's "next battle" is to retake Anbar province from the Islamic State jihadist group.
03.04.2015 13:15 Military
The United States is closely monitoring Iraqi forces in Tikrit amid allegations of human rights abuses committed by Baghdad's troops.
30.03.2015 14:57 Politics
United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon arrived in Baghdad on Monday for talks with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and other top officials.
14.03.2015 11:28 Entertainment, Style
Leggy models in striking designer clothes strutted down a catwalk in front of Iraq's high society for the first edition of the Baghdad Fashion Show.
27.02.2015 10:14 Politics
The head of the United Nations' cultural agency demanded an emergency meeting of the world body's Security Council.
13.02.2015 01:02 Politics
The UN Security Council is set to adopt a resolution aimed at choking off millions of dollars in earnings from oil sales.
12.01.2015 12:04 Politics
Member of the International Association for the Study of Terrorism presents findings of рук study into the roots of extremism in Kazakhstan.
08.01.2015 16:48 Emergencies
Kazakhstani journalists have laid flowers near the French Consulate in Almaty to honor the victims of the terrorist attack at the French Charlie Hebdo newspaper.
06.01.2015 11:34 Politics
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi called for a "tribal revolution" against the Islamic State group.
05.01.2015 13:03 Military
Iraqi Prime Ministe asked Australian counterpart Tony Abott to step up military assistance to aid Baghdad's fight against the Islamic State jihadist group.
23.12.2014 13:40 Unrest
Professor at the University of Sofia and an expert in the field of counter-terrorism Tatiana Dronzina says that one of the fighters in the video of mass execution of Iraqi soldiers is a Kazakhstani national. She believes the problem has acquired such proportions, it is important to conduct targeted information campaigns showing truthfully the crimes of the organization, thereby stripping it of any possible connections to heroism and martyrdom they use for promotion of their lifestyles.
20.11.2014 17:41 Military
National Security Committee of Kazakhstan has announced that 300 Kazakhstan nationals joined the ranks of the Islamic State. Half of them are women.
11.11.2014 15:08 Military
A Pentagon official suggested that lower-level figures of the Islamic State group may have been hit.
07.11.2014 12:59 Politics
President Barack Obama will ask lawmakers Friday for an additional $3.2 billion to pay for the war against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria.
03.11.2014 13:41 Politics
UNESCO chief Irina Bokova slammed the "barbaric" destruction of Iraq's cultural heritage.
27.10.2014 13:09 Military
Canadian expert Rafal Rohozynsky claims that the Islamic State has already recruited thousands of Central Asian nationals.
14.10.2014 11:59 Politics
Britain's foreign secretary said in Baghdad he hoped Scotland's decision to remain in the United Kingdom would inspire Iraqis to remain united.
13.10.2014 11:57 Unrest
A Kurdish woman fighter is leading the battle against Islamic State jihadists in the Syrian battleground town of Kobane.
06.10.2014 13:06 Military
France will "increase" the rate of its air patrols over Iraq against the Islamic State group, Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said.
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