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Turkey submits request to parliament for Syria, Iraq military action The Turkish government said it has asked parliament to authorise military action in Iraq and Syria to halt the advance of Islamic State (IS) jihadists.
01 октября 2014
Armed British warplanes flying 'daily' over Iraq Armed British warplanes are flying daily missions over Iraq and would launch air strikes if called in by local forces on the ground.
29 сентября 2014
Turkey disappoints West with low-key role in IS fight Blamed by some for prompting the rise of the Islamic State insurgency, Turkey has finally taken steps to tighten its borders with Iraq and Syria.
20 сентября 2014
Suicide bombing, shelling kill 14 in Baghdad: officials A suicide bombing and shelling in the Shiite-majority Kadhimiyah district of north Baghdad killed at least 14 people on Thursday.
19 сентября 2014
White House insists Obama authorized to strike IS The White House insisted that President Barack Obama was authorized to strike the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria under a law passed by Congress.
12 сентября 2014
What will the US-led war against jihadists look like? Barack Obama's vow to take the fight to jihadists will expand a US-led air war already underway and likely require deploying more special forces.
11 сентября 2014
Pope says war no way to address injustice War is not the way to address injustice, Pope Francis said.
08 сентября 2014
Baghdad car bombs kills at least 17 Two car bombs exploded in Shiite-majority areas of the Iraqi capital Thursday, killing at least 17 people.
05 сентября 2014
Islamic State beheads second US reporter The so-called "Islamic State" released a video showing a masked militant with a London accent apparently beheading an American journalist.
03 сентября 2014
Snapshot from the video 16 Kazakhstanis join militants of Islamic State of Iraq At least 16 Kazakhstanis are know to have joined the extremist militants of the Islamic State of Iraq.
01 сентября 2014
Iraqi Kurdish student uses holiday to fight jihadists Briyar Kamal, a 24-year-old Kurdish student, but instead of relaxing during his summer holiday he is fighting jihadists who have overrun swathes of Iraq.
28 августа 2014
Car bomb kills 10 at busy Baghdad intersection: officials A car bomb ripped through a crowded Baghdad intersection during morning rush hour on Tuesday, killing 10 people.
26 августа 2014
Facing new flight, Turkish Kurds in Iraq long for home Families who once fled a Turkish crackdown on Kurdish rebels in the 1990s after escaping from brutal jihadists, longing to return home.
23 августа 2014
Photo courtesy of EU ministers seek unity on arming Iraqi Kurds EU ministers convene in Brussels on Friday in a rare summertime meeting to seek unanimous approval for the shipment of arms to Iraqi Kurds fighting Islamic State jihadists.
15 августа 2014
Plan 'under way' to rescue refugees on Iraq mountain: Cameron An international plan is under way to rescue civilians trapped by Islamic State fighters on a mountain in northern Iraq.
14 августа 2014
Britain to transport arms to Kurds as it bolsters Iraq aid Britain is to transport military supplies to Kurdish forces battling militants in northern Iraq and strengthen its aid mission there
13 августа 2014
US, Australia to take foreign jihadist fighters issue to UN: Kerry The United States and Australia agreed to take concerns about the threat posed by jihadist foreign fighters.
12 августа 2014
Pope Francis 'dismayed' by violence and suffering in Iraq Pope Francis expressed "dismay and disbelief" over the violence in Iraq, calling for an "effective political solution" to a crisis.
11 августа 2014
Female Kurdish reporter killed in Iraq conflict A reporter working with Kurdish news agency Firat was killed Friday when jihadist fighters attacked a camp in Iraq.
09 августа 2014
Baghdad bombings kill at least 30: police, medics Five bomb attacks killed at least 30 people and wounded around 70 others in several Baghdad districts.
07 августа 2014

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