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Новости по теме: IAEA По вашему запросу найдено: 46 материалов
27.08.2015 20:38 Politics
Kazakhstan and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are considering use of nuclear energy in food and water industries.
27.08.2015 20:23 Politics
Kazakhstan and International Atomic Energy Agency have signed the agreement establishing the international nuclear fuel bank in Kazakhstan.
17.08.2015 22:12 Politics
Excess stockpiles of enriched uranium of Iran may be stored at the international nuclear fuel bank in Kazakhstan.
05.08.2015 20:04 Finance
Kazakhstan will spend around $10-15 thousand annually to maintain the International Nuclear Fuel Bank being established on the country's territory.
16.06.2015 13:40 Politics
Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) approve agreement on the establishment of LEU Bank in Kazakhstan.
02.06.2015 16:05 Politics
According to an official from the Ministry of Energy, Kazakhstan will start receiving low-enriched uranium into the IAEA bank in 2017.
27.05.2015 03:04 Politics
The government of Kazakhstan has approved a draft agreement with the IAEA to establish a low-enriched uranium bank in the country.
05.05.2014 13:27 Politics
A delegation from the International Atomic Energy Agency has arrived in Iran to visit two nuclear sites ahead of the next round of political talks with world powers next week.
31.03.2014 18:05 Industry, Infrastructure
Two nuclear power plants will possibly be built in Kazakhstan.
17.03.2014 16:00 Disasters
The head of the UN nuclear watchdog said Monday his agency would keep working to improve safety after the Fukushima crisis, but no atomic plant could be "100 percent" safe from natural disasters.
25.02.2014 14:29 Politics
The negotiations on Kazakhstan's bid to host the international bank of low-enriched uranium are nearing their final stage.
20.01.2014 11:12 Politics
Iran is due Monday to unplug key nuclear equipment for six months in return for a slight easing of crippling Western sanctions, as an interim deal between Tehran and world powers takes effect.
06.12.2013 16:46 Emergencies
Mexican authorities Thursday recovered dangerous radioactive material from a cancer-treating medical device that was on a stolen truck and abandoned in a field, the interior ministry said.
28.11.2013 16:46 Politics
Kazakhstan holds 19% of the global explored reserves of uranium, with the country’s uranium reserves estimated at 802 000 tons.
13.11.2013 10:48 Politics
Morocco has unveiled details of an "exceptional operation" to give official papers to some of its 25,000-40,000 illegal immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa, many of whom hope to reach Europe.
06.11.2013 17:54 Disasters
Inspectors from the UN's nuclear watchdog arrived in Tokyo Wednesday to monitor marine pollution near Fukushima as China demanded Japan provide "accurate" information on how it is handling the crisis.
16.10.2013 23:17 Politics
Back in 2009 Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev suggested hosting an international nuclear fuel bank in the Kazakh territory. The idea was approved of by the IAEA in 2011.
10.09.2013 10:29 Politics
Iran is expected to enjoy a rare let-up in pressure at a UN atomic agency meeting starting Monday, as Tehran's new government and world powers prepare a fresh diplomatic push.
03.06.2013 17:58 Politics
Iran's defiant expansion of its nuclear programme and 10 failed meetings with the IAEA will dominate a gathering of the UN body's board starting Monday.
30.05.2013 16:33 Politics
An important recent development in Iran's nuclear programme, if it continues, might help to ease international fears that Tehran wants the bomb, but serious questions still remain.
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