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28.02.2013 10:29 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstan rock band Motor-Roller will perform at the 14th International Festival TUSOVKA in Helsinki.
13.02.2013 14:59 Environment
Jukka Peltonen has just come home from the shop with a bag of clementines, but he's disappointed to discover they're too acidic for his taste.
12.02.2013 19:22 Sport
The national bandy team of Kazakhstan became the bronze winner of the World Championship for the second time in a row.
31.01.2013 13:36 Environment
As fish get smaller under Man's environmental impact, they become more exposed to predators, which means a crucial food source will become more endangered than thought.
06.12.2012 13:35 Education
International experts have studied and compared results of international examinations to rank the education systems.
02.12.2012 14:00 Sport
Kazakhstan's Zhamilya Bakbergenova became the champion of the tournament and Svetlana Ankicheva (both free style wrestlers) got silver.
19.11.2012 18:13 Sport
Kazakhstan skier Aleksey Poltoranin won a 10-kilometer classic race and ski sprint at the International Skiing Tournament in Finland.
10.11.2012 10:44 Disasters
Radioactive emissions 50 times higher than normal have been detected in waters close to a nickel and zinc mine in central Finland.
25.10.2012 11:19 People
Women are closing the gender gap with men in health and education but struggle to get top jobs and salaries, data from a study of 135 countries showed on Wednesday.
23.10.2012 12:12 Politics
Kazakhstan Ambassador to Finland and Estonia Galymzhan Koishybayev held a meeting with representatives of Kazakh expatriate community living in Helsinki.
09.10.2012 18:25 Politics
Kazakhstan Prime-Minister discussed the coming visit of Finland's President to Kazakhstan with Finnish Minister of Foreign Trade.
09.10.2012 12:56 Politics
Finland’s Minister of Foreign Trade Alexander Stubb arrived in Kazakhstan with a delegation of entrepreneurs.
02.10.2012 13:32 Markets
Finland’s Minister of Foreign Trade Alexander Stubb will render a visit to Kazakhstan in the beginning of October.
22.09.2012 16:51 Health
A swine flu vaccine used in 2009-10 is linked to a higher risk of the sleeping disorder narcolepsy in children and teens in Sweden and Finland.
21.08.2012 11:21 Strange News
A Finnish teenager has smashed the world record -- and probably his phone -- in this year's annual mobile-phone throwing contest in Finland.
11.06.2012 18:57 Politics
Kazakhstan appointed Galymzhan Koishybayev new Ambassador to Finland and Estonia.
12.04.2012 10:53 Sport
Nikolay Antropov from Winnipeg National Hockey League has agreed to be caped for Kazakhstan in the World Championship in Finland and Sweden.
03.02.2012 17:13 Sport
Chief coach of Finland’s bandy team Tommy Osterberg said that Kazakhstan is able to reach the finals in the World Bandy Championship.
17.01.2012 13:11 Politics
The Embassy of Kazakhstan in Finland could start operating this year.
02.12.2011 10:46 Entertainment, Style
Kazakhstan residents won't change their preferences when choosing New Year tours this year.
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