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08.07.2015 14:16 Entertainment, Style
Festival of nomadic civilization Millennia around Astana was held in the capital of Kazakhstan from July 3 to 6.
06.06.2015 12:15 Entertainment, Style
The 3rd edition of The Spirit of Tengri will turn the Abay square into an ethnic and cultural fairground
20.10.2014 11:48 Entertainment, Style
Countries are vying to conquer global plates, and palates, with their homegrown specialities at the International Food Fair.
11.10.2014 14:54 Internet
US online retail giant Amazon may be absent from the stands at the world's biggest book fair but it has still been at the heart of a heated debate.
18.08.2014 14:39 Crime
Somalia's journalist union urged the government to ensure a fair trial of three colleagues arrested last week.
15.05.2014 16:00 Industry, Infrastructure
Construction of EXPO-2017 venues in Astana is expected to be completed by December 2016.
13.03.2014 13:17 Internet
Internet users may before long have a secure solution to the modern plague of passwords, in which they can use visual patterns or even their own body parts to identify themselves.
11.03.2014 15:29 Science, Technologies
European IT security firms have flocked to the world's biggest high-tech fair with hopes of benefiting from the fallout from shock revelations of mass US and British spying.
07.03.2014 11:10 Science, Technologies
The German and British leaders will officially open the world's biggest high-tech fair on Sunday, amid global debate about data security following revelations of mass US and British online snooping.
13.10.2013 21:01 Art, Books
European bookshops are taking a stand against competition from the Internet, boosted by a renaissance in independent stores and their enhanced know-how despite still facing a difficult climate.
10.10.2013 10:02 Art, Books
Organisers of the world's biggest book fair warned Tuesday against the domination of Internet giants as the publishing world grapples to blend old and new forms of reading.
26.09.2013 15:27 Entertainment, Style
'Made in Kazakhstan' clothes has being presented in Moscow.
19.09.2013 11:12 Gadgets
Gamers were gathering Thursday for the start of the Tokyo Game Show, an annual extravaganza that this year will give punters their first real taste of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.
03.09.2013 14:59 Gadgets
Smartwatches look set to dominate this year's IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin, which opens Wednesday, stealing the limelight from smart phones and tablet computers.
23.04.2013 16:00 Markets
The world's biggest watch fair is set to open this week in Basel amid growing uncertainty over whether the industry can keep up its momentum and rake in another year of record sales in China.
06.03.2013 14:07 Gadgets
From a glove that can be used as a mobile phone to a remote-controlled spy helicopter: this year's CeBIT, the world's top high-tech fair, showcases a bewildering array of gadgets.
28.02.2013 13:32 Science, Technologies
After the smartphone, the intelligent watch promises to become the latest hi-tech trend, allowing wearers to peek at messages and even take calls without touching their phones.
27.02.2013 12:33 Gadgets
The "phablet" phenomenon is taking the mobile world by storm.
26.01.2013 17:31 Entertainment, Style
Bolivia is throwing a little party. Literally. It's a yearly festival in which street vendors hawk everything miniature -- from houses to clothes to passports -- for small bills of fake money.
26.01.2013 12:27 Markets
News that the global music industry has finally turned the corner and is on the road to recovery should help get the annual four-day gathering of many of the world's top music execs at the MIDEM trade fair.
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