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07.07.2015 11:53 Religion
Pope Francis celebrated an open-air mass with hundreds of thousands of faithful under scorching heat in Ecuador, highlighting the importance of family on his return to his home region.
03.07.2015 14:21 Religion
Pope Francis embarks on an eight-day visit to Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay, three of South America's 'peripheral' countries which share common challenges in addressing poverty.
16.09.2014 14:22 Laws, Initiatives
After years of political battles, gay couples in Ecuador lined up to register their unions on their national identity cards like heterosexual couples.
23.08.2014 11:45 Environment
"Pepe the Missionary," a giant tortoise who rose to fame as one of the most photographed animals on Galapagos Islands, has died at age 60.
19.08.2014 11:17 Politics
Julian Assange will not leave the Ecuador embassy in London until it is guaranteed he will avoid extradition to the United States.
14.07.2014 15:39 Politics
Kazakhstan, a Central Asian oil producer, will expand its cooperation with the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).
28.06.2014 10:27 Entertainment, Style
Julian Assange has been asked to star in a fashion show by British designer Ben Westwood at Ecuador's London embassy, where the WikiLeaks founder is currently holed up in a bid to avoid extradition to Sweden.
07.06.2014 13:22 People
Kazakhstani Asel Rysmendieva, 24, has been nominated for the annual Hermann Gmeiner award that was named after Austrian philanthropist and SOS Children’s village founder.
06.06.2014 16:14 Cinema, Music
This Saturday on June 7th at 5 pm, The Spirit of Tengri opens its second festival with 13 ethno music bands and renowned artists in Almaty.
30.05.2014 21:14 Politics
An Ecuadoran court on Thursday sentenced exiled ex-president Jamil Mahuad to 12 years in jail for corruption.
30.05.2014 14:22 Cinema, Music
The Spirit of Tengri will take you places, from the proud beauty of Georgia with the music of The Shin band to lively exotic Ecuador with Yarick-Ecuador band on July 7th in Almaty.
26.05.2014 20:20 Cinema, Music
Famous Kazakhstan ethnic rock band Aldaspan will present their new album at The Spirit of Tengri festival in Almaty.
10.05.2014 14:21 Emergencies
An Ecuadoran freighter ran aground Friday in the Galapagos islands, but "for the moment" does not pose a threat to the Pacific archipelago's unique environment, the Galapagos National Park said.
24.04.2014 22:15 Cinema, Music
2nd The Spirit of Tengri festival will take place in Almaty on June 7th.
05.04.2014 12:55 Emergencies
A volcano in central Ecuador spewed up a column of hot ash and smoke 10 kilometers (six miles) high on Friday, increasing fears of an eruption.
02.04.2014 10:19 Emergencies
A powerful 8.2-magnitude earthquake hit Chile's Pacific coast Tuesday, triggering tsunami waves of more than two meters and warnings for people to flee to higher ground.
19.03.2014 17:17 Sport
The Kazakhstan Cycling Federation has expressed condolence to the family of the deceased cyclist Yerlan Pernebekov and promised to cover the transportation expenses.
18.03.2014 15:41 Sport
Kazakh cyclist Yerlan Pernebekov, 20 has died in Ecuador after suffering a stroke.
17.03.2014 12:28 Sport
An Astana Continental cyclist has had a stroke during his stay in a training camp in Ecuador.
01.02.2014 14:39 Politics
A newspaper cartoonist was sanctioned by a new Ecuadoran media watchdog after publishing an image deemed harmful to President Rafael Correa, the artist said Friday.
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