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10.08.2015 14:49 Companies
US entertainment giant Disney was forced to apologise after one of its Japanese language tweets was criticised for being insensitive.
27.06.2015 12:51 Entertainment, Style
Disney became the latest major tourism operator to ban selfie sticks as part of a growing backlash against the extendable devices.
09.03.2015 12:47 Cinema, Music
Disney's Cinderella movie has premiered in Kazakhstan's movie theaters earlier than around the world on the eve of the International Women's Day.
30.01.2015 22:25 Cinema, Music
Disney’s Cinderella will be dubbed in the Kazakh language. The film premiers in Kazakhstani movie theatres on March 6.
07.11.2014 14:17 Cinema, Music
The huge cuddly white robot in "Big Hero 6" could hardly be less like a typical Marvel superhero- and yet the Michelin man-style star could be a sure winner for studio giant Disney
05.10.2014 14:42 Cinema, Music
The December 2015 release date for the first film in a new "Star Wars" trilogy is a distant date in a galaxy far, far away.
03.10.2014 13:21 Entertainment, Style
US media-entertainment group Disney said Thursday it has extended the contract for chief executive Robert Iger through June 2018.
04.09.2014 14:09 Cinema, Music
The "Frozen" princess stars of Disney's Oscar-winning animated film are set to return in a short sequel to be released next spring.
01.05.2014 15:28 Cinema, Music
The original "Star Wars" movie blasted its way onto screens a long time ago, in a cinema galaxy seemingly far, far away -- but Han, Luke and Leia will be back soon.
29.04.2014 11:57 Entertainment, Style
American entertainment giant Disney is set to pour an additional $800 million into its Disney Shanghai, its first theme park on the Chinese mainland, officials said.
13.01.2014 17:18 Cinema, Music
Disney's musical fairy tale adaptation "Frozen" won the Golden Globe for best animated film on Sunday, beating "The Croods" and "Despicable Me 2."
02.01.2014 13:05 Cinema, Music
Six movies has been dubbed into Kazakh language so far.
23.12.2013 16:02 Markets
In the race to extract cash from Christmas shoppers, Hong Kong's myriad shopping malls have taken to heart the maxim that you must spend money to make money when it comes to decorations this festive season.
20.12.2013 18:10 Cinema, Music
Disney delves into its own history in "Saving Mr. Banks," a movie about the difficult birth of the classic film "Mary Poppins," wrenched from a tale by a reluctant British author.
29.11.2013 11:04 Cinema, Music
Disney has given a chilly makeover to a traditional fairy tale in its latest animated release "Frozen," which could be in the running for an Oscar.
07.05.2013 16:52 Cinema, Music
A new wave of Star Wars videogames is coming.
03.04.2013 16:55 Cinema, Music
A sequel to animated fish saga "Finding Nemo" is set to splash onto the big screen in North America in November 2015.
27.01.2013 11:49 Cinema, Music
Sci-fi and action filmmaker J.J. Abrams has been tapped to direct a seventh "Star Wars" movie expected to be released by Disney in 2015.
01.11.2012 13:02 Cinema, Music
Disney is known for traditional holiday-season movies about princesses and fairy tales -- but this year it has turned to the world of video games for its latest animated blockbuster.
31.10.2012 11:32 Cinema, Music
Walt Disney Co announced Tuesday it is buying "Star Wars" director George Lucas's film company for $4 billion, and plans to revive the classic sci-fi series starting with a new movie in 2015.
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