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03.05.2016 14:10 Entertainment, Style
A rare violet diamond, the largest of its kind ever found at Australia's remote Argyle mine, will be the centrepiece of annual showcase.
30.03.2016 15:46 Science, Technologies
A long-extinct animal known as the Siberian unicorn -- actually a long-horned rhinoceros -- may have walked the Earth 29,000 years ago.
21.01.2016 15:39 Science, Technologies
A previously unknown giant planet may have been discovered lurking in the outer reaches of our solar system, US scientists announced.
05.08.2015 19:27 Science, Technologies
The age of the Saka Princess discovered in a tomb in Kazakhstan in 2013 has been finally determined.
10.12.2014 02:06 Science, Technologies
Workers of a mining company have discovered mammoth tusks in Karaganda Oblast.
16.10.2014 19:08 Science, Technologies
A scientist from Kazakhstan has found a dozen of unique treatises attributed to the great thinker Abu Nasr al-Farabi.
08.10.2014 17:15 Entertainment, Style
A new multimedia exhibition in Kazakhstan's Almaty aims to chronicle the history of greatest inventions of humankind with the use of a latest technology.
10.09.2014 14:32 Science, Technologies
The most significant archaeological find in Kazakhstan has finally been presented to the anxiously waiting public.
09.09.2014 14:23 Science, Technologies
A rare discovery of dinosaur bones in Tanzania has led scientists to identify a new species of long-extinct, leaf-eating dinosau.
18.08.2014 17:10 Science, Technologies
Western Kazakhstani archaeologists finally displayed the exclusive artifacts found in the ancient noble woman burial site discovered in 2012 and presented the reconstructed garment of the Golden Woman.
02.08.2014 13:00 Science, Technologies
Bronze Age vessels depicting swastika have been excavated by archaeologists in Kazakhstan.
03.07.2014 17:22 Science, Technologies
Gulsana Sisengaliyeva, a fourth year student at the Institute of Applied Chemistry of the Gumilyov Eurasian University in Astana discovered a new compound that she produced from wormwood.
12.05.2014 15:31 Science, Technologies
Ancient burial of a noble woman discovered in Western Kazakhstan Oblast two years ago declared the oldest golden burial in Kazakhstan.
18.04.2014 10:35 Science, Technologies
Paleontologists unearthed the oldest ancestor of land-dwelling herbivores with the discovery of a 300-million-year-old skeleton, shedding light onto plant eaters' emergence on land, a study said.
05.03.2014 10:04 Science, Technologies
French scientists said they had revived a giant but harmless virus that had been locked in the Siberian permafrost for more than 30,000 years.
17.01.2014 16:09 Science, Technologies
The unique findings, that show the life of Kazakh people during the 14th century have been discovered in Great Britain.
08.01.2014 12:13 Environment
Fishermen have found two conjoined gray whale calves in a northwestern Mexican lagoon, a discovery that a government marine biologist described as "exceptionally rare."
23.12.2013 12:31 Environment
A vast store of water equivalent in area to Ireland lies beneath Greenland's icesheet, and it may provide answers to one of the big riddles of climate change, scientists reported on Sunday.
20.12.2013 18:16 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstan-born Shoukhrat Mitalipov is among the Top 10 scientists, who have made the most significant breakthroughs this year.
03.12.2013 15:52 Science, Technologies
An ancient tomb of Kenesary Khan's warriors has been discovered in Astana.
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