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05.11.2013 11:02 Crime
Authorities put a shopping mall in Paramus, New Jersey, on lockdown late Monday after a gunman was spotted and witnesses reported hearing shots, US media said.
21.08.2013 14:43 Companies
Al-Jazeera America went live Tuesday, accompanied by a campaign of traditional and social media for its cable channel launch, as it pledged to outdo its rivals with serious, in-depth journalism.
28.05.2013 14:04 Companies
Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro on Monday accused US-based news network CNN en Espanol of working to promote a coup d'etat as part of a wider media war against his socialist government.
25.09.2012 13:48 Companies
CNN on Monday hit back at accusations by a top US State Department official that it had engaged in "distasteful" reporting by using the contents of a diary belonging to slain US ambassador to Libya.
28.07.2012 12:19 Companies
CNN Worldwide president Jim Walton announced Friday he is quitting the job at the end of the year, saying the struggling cable network needs "new thinking."