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17.09.2014 18:00 Science, Technologies
NASA selected Boeing and SpaceX to build America's next spacecraft to carry astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) by 2017.
19.07.2014 00:03 Emergencies
Kazakhstan citizens were not among those killed in the Malaysia Airlines plane crash.
18.07.2014 23:55 Politics
Kazakhstan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its deepest condolences to the families and friends of those killed in the crash of the Malaysian passenger plane.
18.07.2014 14:40 Emergencies
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Friday called Russia's response to the downing of a Malaysian Airlines jet over Ukraine "deeply, deeply unsatisfactory".
01.07.2014 14:10 Military
South Korea said Tuesday it is considering offers from plane giants Airbus and Boeing as well as Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) to provide air refuelling tankers in a deal estimated to be worth $1.38 billion.
14.06.2014 16:37 Companies
US aerospace giant Boeing said Friday that China Eastern Airlines has agreed to buy 80 737 aircraft, its biggest single-aisle purchase to date by a Chinese airline.
26.04.2014 18:11 Emergencies
An Australian passenger who sparked a hijack alert on a flight to Bali has denied being drunk and claimed he banged on the door of the cockpit after mistaking it for the toilet, Indonesian police said.
22.04.2014 14:21 Companies
Shandong Airlines, one of China's smaller carriers, said it has agreed to buy 50 passenger planes from US manufacturer Boeing for $4.6 billion, in another sign of the country's growing demand for air travel.
05.04.2014 21:50 Companies
The United States has issued a license allowing Boeing to do business with Iran for the first time since the US embargo of 1979, a company spokesman told AFP Friday.
01.04.2014 13:26 Emergencies
Malaysia's civil aviation department said late Monday the last words spoken by one of pilots of missing Flight MH370 were "Good night Malaysian three seven zero", and not the more casual "All right, good night" originally reported.
11.03.2014 10:34 Emergencies
Boeing said Monday it has joined an official US team investigating the still-mysterious disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines 777 aircraft, feared to have plunged into the Gulf of Thailand.
28.02.2014 10:04 Gadgets
US aircraft manufacturer Boeing has developed a smartphone geared mainly toward people working in defense and homeland security.
11.02.2014 17:37 Markets
Myanmar's national carrier on Tuesday signed a deal to lease 10 Boeing aircraft worth nearly $1 billion that will ply international routes in a bid to tap booming tourism as the once-reclusive country opens up to the world.
10.02.2014 12:09 Companies
The Asia-Pacific will require almost 13,000 new airplanes worth $1.9 trillion over the next 20 years, Boeing said Monday, as booming wealth in the region fuels demand for air travel.
19.12.2013 15:13 Companies
Air Astana has replenished its airplane fleet with two new Boeing 767s.
18.11.2013 16:29 Emergencies
Russia on Monday sought answers for the latest deadly plane crash to raise alarm about the safety of its civil aviation.
18.11.2013 15:41 Emergencies
A native of Temirtau city in central Kazakhstan died in the plane crash in Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia.
18.11.2013 02:09 Emergencies
A Boeing 737 operated by a Russian airline crashed on Sunday while attempting to land in the city of Kazan, killing all 50 on board.
10.10.2013 12:07 Strange News
A 787 Dreamliner bound for Japan was forced to turn around and fly back to Russia after toilets on the plane refused to flush.
20.09.2013 10:31 Companies
Boeing announced Wednesday it would end production of its C-17 military transport aircraft in 2015, citing a difficult environment amid government spending cuts.
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