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29.05.2015 15:41 Politics
According to the Central Bank Governor Kairat Kelimbetov, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan are best prepared for global economic shocks among all post-Soviet countries apart from Russia.
03.07.2014 16:18 Markets
Kazakhstan is going to launch 75 new international air routes by 2020.
28.05.2014 19:27 Politics
Kazakhstan’s president Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed to create a poverty eradication roadmap in the countries of Asia and Africa.
28.05.2014 19:18 Politics
There is a need to rethink the global financial system, the Kazakhstan president declared at the VII Astana Economic Forum.
28.05.2013 15:30 Politics
Qatar Minister of Economy and Finance Yousef Hussain Kamal met with Kazakhstan Minister of Industry and New Technologies Asset Issekeshev.
27.05.2013 14:35 Politics
Russian President’s advisor Sergey Glazyev believes that G20 can use Kazakhstan’s experience in attraction of investments during crisis.
24.05.2013 19:22 Politics
Nobel prize-winner Robert Mundell has once again suggested that a new global monetary and credit system should be established.
23.05.2013 23:37 Politics
The United Nations support major reforms of the international financial system.
23.05.2013 23:28 Politics
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev has met with UN representatives and Nobel prize-winners during the 6th Astana Economic Forum.
23.05.2013 22:01 Politics
The global economic crisis is nearing a new phase: Nazarbayev.
23.05.2013 21:42 Industry, Infrastructure
The capacity of Aktau seaport in Kazakhstan is expected to reach 18 million tons of cargoes by 2020.
23.05.2013 16:40 Politics
Kazakhstan President has suggested to create the G-Global Supervisory Board.
23.05.2013 15:19 Politics
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev sees signs of the global social crisis.
22.05.2013 23:36 Finance
Over 40 memorandums and agreements totally worth $400 million will be signed during the 6th Astana Economic Forum in Kazakhstan.
22.05.2013 22:00 Politics
Ehud Barak will take part in the work of the annual economic forum that will start on May 22.
21.05.2013 16:09 Politics
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev will hold a meeting of the foreign investors council on May 22.
13.05.2013 16:19 Politics
Almost 9 thousand people have applied for participation in the 6th Astana Economic Forum.
03.05.2013 15:41 Politics
Former head of the International Monetary Fund Dominique Strauss-Kahn will attend the 6th Astana Economic Forum in Kazakhstan.
18.03.2013 18:07 Politics
This amount will also cover holding and organization of a global anti-crisis conference in Kazakhstan: Murat Karimsakov.
26.05.2012 22:55 Finance
More and more Kazakh businessmen are trying to get a membership in the American Chamber of Commerce: AmCham Executive Director Doris Bradbury
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