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Former Prime-Minister of Israel to arrive in Astana 22 мая 2013, 22:00

Ehud Barak will take part in the work of the annual economic forum that will start on May 22.
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Ehud Barak. ©RIA Novosti Ehud Barak. ©RIA Novosti
Ex-Prime-Minister of Israel Ehud Barak will render a visit to Astana, Izrus reports. He will take part in the annual economic forum that will start on May 22. Meanwhile, according to the website, Israeli Foreign Ministry is not aware of the trip and the former PM is not on the list of the invited persons. The website also writes that Israel will be represented at the Forum by former Defense Minister, winner of the Nobel Economic Prize, Professor Robert Aumann and Senior Research Fellow in Russian and Eurasian Studies and International Energy Policy of the Heritage Foundation Ariel Cohen. In the beginning of April Ehud Barak took part in the first International South-Caucasus Forum held in Baku. The journalists suppose that Barak’s interest in the post-soviet space was inspired by economic success of his colleague, former PM Ehud Olmert who has been a welcome guest in Kazakhstan for the last several years. It is possible that the interest is also spurred by the new global venture fund Genesis Angels established by Kazakhstan businessman Kenes Rakishev and Olmert that was presented in Tel-Aviv on April 18.

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