No payout for Australia 'sex-at-work' woman An Australian woman injured when a motel room light fitting fell and hit her while having sex on a business trip failed in a bid for workers' compensation.
30 октября 2013
Beeline says Interior Ministry jams signal in Aktau A Beeline representative tweeted that the Kazakhstan Interior Ministry had been activating jamming equipment in Aktau.
29 октября 2013
UFO spotted over Almaty Two young men managed to make a video of an unidentified flying object that looks amazingly like a classical UFO from American movies hovering over Almaty.
24 октября 2013
US toilet restaurant rides 'poop' publicity wave A restaurant billed as America's first toilet-themed eatery has just opened in Los Angeles -- and is packing in diners after a wave of free publicity for the concept, said to be imported from Asia.
23 октября 2013
Turkey's first online Islamic sex shop opens An online Islamic sex shop selling condoms, massage oils and perfumes has been launched in Turkey, becoming the first of its kind in the predominantly Muslim country.
22 октября 2013
Pacific man bids to become first climate change refugee A Pacific islander is attempting to become the world's first climate change refugee in New Zealand as rising seas threaten his low-lying homeland.
18 октября 2013
Broken toilet flush forces JAL Dreamliner to turn back A 787 Dreamliner bound for Japan was forced to turn around and fly back to Russia after toilets on the plane refused to flush.
10 октября 2013
French motorists top league of unpaid fines in London Foreign motorists owe almost £2.8 million ($4.5 million, 3.3 million euros) in unpaid parking fines in central London.
29 сентября 2013
British PM gets on 'purr-fectly' with Downing St cat British Prime Minister David Cameron's office denied Saturday that his family has no love for Larry, the Downing Street cat.
28 сентября 2013
Climber finds treasure trove off Mont Blanc A French climber scaling a glacier off Mont Blanc got more than satisfaction for his efforts when he stumbled across a treasure trove of emeralds, rubies and sapphires.
27 сентября 2013
Snake on plane grounds Qantas flight A tiny snake as slender as a pen forced the grounding of a Japan-bound Qantas flight in the Australian city of Sydney overnight, stranding hundreds of passengers.
23 сентября 2013
Soviet-time bomb neutralized in Petropavlovsk Kazakhstan military engineers have eliminated a mortar bomb made in 1939 in Petropavlovsk in northern Kazakhstan.
20 сентября 2013
Color Run paint showering race to take place in Astana Runners of the run race will be showered with brightly colored paints in Astana.
20 сентября 2013
Gigantic cockroaches roam Ust-Kamenogorsk Gigantic cockroaches are spreading in Ust-Kamenogorsk city in eastern Kazakhstan. The largest of the insects reach 7 centimeters in length.
11 сентября 2013
Astana businessman breeds hedgehogs for meat An businessman from Akmola oblast Sergei Bukushev is going to set up a hedgehog farm near Astana city.
04 сентября 2013
In Venezuela don't watch your back, watch your hair They already endure staggering levels of street crime. Now, Venezuelans have something new to fear -- muggers who chop off their hair.
02 сентября 2013
High-ranking police officers pick up fight in Pavlodar Two high-ranking police officers have had a fight in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan.
28 августа 2013
Sexual row unfolds over Almaty Central Mosque One of the students of the Madrasah for Women of Almaty city's Central Mosque complains that the school’s students are forced to become wives of the imams.
27 августа 2013
Japan wife kills cheating husband with coffee cup A Japanese housewife battered her septuagenarian husband to death with a coffee cup after discovering he was cheating on her.
26 августа 2013
No pet hates as dog donates blood to save cat Traditional animal rivalries were set aside in New Zealand when a dog's blood was used to save the life of a poisoned cat in a rare inter-species transfusion.
21 августа 2013

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