Chinese woman gave birth to twins at 60: report A Chinese woman had twin girls at the age of 60 following IVF treatment after her only child died, making her possibly the oldest person in the country to give birth, state media reported Tuesday.
25 декабря 2013
Mysterious pentagram appears in Aktau A new Google maps mystery has appeared to rack our brains. A five-pointed star or a mysterious pentagram is 200 meters in diameter and is situated somewhere near Aktau and Akshukur village.
25 декабря 2013
US diplomat row overlooks Indian maids' plight Americans were shocked at the alleged $3.31-per-hour wage paid to an Indian diplomat's housekeeper in a case that has sparked global outrage. But to Rupa Thakur, who does the same job in Mumbai, it sounded like a small fortune.
21 декабря 2013
Australia deli sued over 'semen' in bottled water An Australian woman is suing a deli after drinking bottled water that allegedly contained semen, lawyers said Friday, with claims that DNA showed it matched the owner of the business.
20 декабря 2013
Jerusalem buried in snow as rare storm pounds Mideast A fierce winter storm shut down much of the Middle East Friday, burying Jerusalem in snow, flooding parts of Gaza and bringing frigid, wet weather to war-ravaged Syria.
14 декабря 2013
'Time to die,' German clock told hospital patient Doctors at a British hospital were startled when an upset patient told them that the clock in his ward had announced his time was up, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) reported on Thursday.
13 декабря 2013
Walk this way, says China's heavy metal shoe maker A Chinese factory worker says walking in huge iron shoes weighing more than 200 kilograms each can cure back pain, but faces hefty competition in his bid to build the country's heaviest footwear.
10 декабря 2013
Venturous teenagers stage fights on request in Astana Venturesome teenagers of Astana arrange staged fights for a fee for other teenagers, who want to impress their girlfriends.
10 декабря 2013
Japan police find 80 reptiles in one-room apartment Venomous lizards and snakes up to three metres (nine feet) long were among 80 reptiles police found crammed into a one-room apartment in Japan.
03 декабря 2013
Women driver ban guards against evil: Saudi top cleric The grand mufti of Saudi Arabia said a ban on women driving in the conservative Gulf state protects society from "evil".
29 ноября 2013
Kazakhstan Defense Ministry to use computer games and cartoons to make military service more attractive Computer games and cartoons will be made available on the website of the Defense Ministry of Kazakhstan.
28 ноября 2013
'Dead' baby wakes at China funeral parlour before cremation A Chinese baby boy who had been declared dead was saved from being cremated alive when he started crying at a funeral parlour, media reported Thursday.
21 ноября 2013
Million-dollar gold stash found in aircraft toilet Cleaners working on a commercial plane in eastern India have found 24 gold bars worth more than $1 million stuffed into a toilet compartment.
20 ноября 2013
Amsterdam pays alcoholics in beer to clean streets At nine o'clock in the morning in a garden shed behind a house in Amsterdam, a handful of alcoholics are getting ready to clean the surrounding streets, beer and cigarette in hand.
19 ноября 2013
Chinese man gives future bride 8.88 mn in cash A Chinese suitor who gave his future bride an auspicious 8.88 million yuan ($1.5 million) in cash drew ire Thursday for the extravagant display of wealth in the still-developing country.
14 ноября 2013
Kazakhstan officials drink 1 billion tenge worth of tea with sweets in 10 months Kazakhstan state officials have drunk almost 1 billion tenge ($6.5 million) worth of tea with sweets since the beginning of the year.
09 ноября 2013
Destressss with an Indonesian snake massage Lying on a massage table at a spa in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, Feri Tilukay closed his eyes and smiled blissfully as three enormous snakes slithered all over him.
06 ноября 2013
Clients take a licking in Malaysia 'cheese' massage: report Dodgy Malaysian "spas" are dispensing with the massage oil in favour of cream cheese in a kinky new offering in the country's bustling erotic massage industry.
04 ноября 2013
Kazakhstan and US poised to repeat Philadelphia Experiment Independent researchers from Kazakhstan and the United States are going to try to repeat the Philadelphia Experiment in Kazakhstan.
04 ноября 2013
Giant yellow duck victim of Taiwan quake A giant yellow duck on display in Taiwan became a high-profile victim of Thursday's earthquake after it deflated before exploding during an attempt to reinflate it.
01 ноября 2013

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