Woman fights python to save pet dog in Hong Kong A woman used a pocket knife to fight off a huge Burmese python which attacked her dog while out walking in a Hong Kong country park, a report said.
11 мая 2014
Peru man survives 1,500-meter fall with tangled parachute A Peruvian air force NCO whose parachute malfunctioned during a training exercise survived a 1,500-meter (5,000-feet) fall with nary a broken bone.
10 мая 2014
Canadian woman's letter arrives -- after 45-year delay A 45-year-old letter mysteriously arrived in the mailbox of a Canadian woman, who received the ancient correspondence from her younger sister decades after it was sent, Canadian media reported.
24 апреля 2014
Teen survives five-hour flight in airplane wheel well A 16-year-old boy was lucky to be alive Monday after surviving a flight from California to Hawaii in the wheel well of an airplane, US media reported.
22 апреля 2014
WWII veteran brings wallet made of human skin to Aktau museum A veteran of World War II brought a wallet made entirely of human skin to the astonishment of the Mangistau Museum employees.
16 апреля 2014
Pair of Japanese mangoes fetch $3,000 at auction A pair of mangoes grown in southern Japan sold Thursday for a whopping 300,000 yen ($3,000), a record price for the fruit's first auction of the season, Kyodo News reported.
11 апреля 2014
Astana will be home to branch of Shaolin Temple Shaolin will be closer to Europe, reducing the “load” of the mother temple that accommodates a colossal inflow of tourists: Galymzhan Torkayev, a monastery graduate and a thriving businessman.
01 апреля 2014
Almaty commuters pay broken keys for bus fare Cunning commuters would use anything but money to pay for a bus fare in Almaty.
29 марта 2014
Hot water turns green in Astana Green hot water runs from taps in Astana apartments.
26 марта 2014
Dog 'sold for $2 million' in China: report A Tibetan mastiff puppy has been sold in China for almost $2 million, a report said Wednesday, in what could be the most expensive dog sale ever.
19 марта 2014
US farmer dies again... this time for real A Mississippi farmer who made global headlines two weeks ago when he woke up in a body bag at a funeral home died on Thursday aged 78.
14 марта 2014
Dead Indian guru in freezer for 'deep meditation' An Indian guru declared dead has been in a deep freezer in his ashram for nearly six weeks with followers confident he will return to life to lead them.
13 марта 2014
Pussy Riot moving to Kazakhstan? Two members of the scandalously notorious Pussy Riot punk band Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina are thinking about moving to Astana, Kazakhstan.
12 марта 2014
Cat takes US family hostage A 22-pound (10-kilo) Himalayan cat attacked a baby boy and then took a US family hostage in their apartment, forcing them to call 911 to get police help.
12 марта 2014
Wanting out of outhouse business: Perks of Kazakhstan highways Senate deputy Mukhtar Altynbayev talked about 'the perks' of roadside rest on Kazakhstani highways and compared the outhouses with roadside stripping.
12 марта 2014
Elephants can tell difference between human languages African elephants can differentiate between human languages and move away from those considered a threat, a skill they have honed to survive in the wild.
11 марта 2014
Italy challenges US gun ad using Michelangelo's David Italy's Culture Minister Dario Franceschini Saturday called for a US guns dealer to withdraw an advertisement using an image of Michelangelo's David -- but with the famed statue holding a bolt-action rifle.
11 марта 2014
British widow wins battle for husband's frozen sperm A British woman won a High Court battle to preserve her late husband's sperm for at least another decade so that she can bear his children.
07 марта 2014
'Dead' man wakes up in US funeral home A 78-year-old American man who was declared dead and taken to a funeral home dramatically woke up as he was about to be embalmed, US media reported Friday.
02 марта 2014
California couple strike gold with treasure trove find A California couple out walking their dog struck it rich by unearthing a horde of buried gold coins, worth more than $10 million according to experts.
27 февраля 2014

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