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Kazakhstan Defense Ministry to use computer games and cartoons to make military service more attractive 28 ноября 2013, 13:06

Computer games and cartoons will be made available on the website of the Defense Ministry of Kazakhstan.
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©Marat Abilov ©Marat Abilov
Computer games and movies will be made available on the website of the Defense Ministry of Kazakhstan, Tengrinews reports citing the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Defense Ministry Mukhametzhan Talasov. "To attract more teenagers and make the idea of military service more attractive to them, we are planning to launch a project involving uploading of computer games with military elements and military animated films on the website of the Defense Ministry in 2014," Mukhametzhan Talasov said at the expand meeting in the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office. However, it seems unlikely that the Ministry is planning to acquire rights and upload the world famous hits like The Call of Duty or the Medal of Honor series, that are well loved by Kazakhstan teenagers. According to him, the government should hold a tender and spend money to hire a company to produce Kazakhstan-adapted computer games and software in the Kazakh language. Besides, the Ministry of Defense is planing to launch a project they call "Internet TV" and a new multimedia website at korganуs.kz on December 1. According to Talasov, Internet TV is a website for videos about Kazakhstan army and other military videos that has technical capacities for online broadcasting. While korganуs.kz website will be focused on making live broadcasts and conferences. Besides, the ministry is promising to redesign its official website by the year end. He complains that there is no effective mechanism of interdepartmental interaction that would ensure a successful military patriotic education of the country's younger generation, and there is no agency of a national level that would coordinated education and awareness projects for youth people. There are plans to establish one, though. "President of Kazakhstan together with the Kazakhstan Peoples' Assembly have instructed the Ministry of Defense to create the Center for Patriotic Education of Young People by March 2014. The center will be based in the military technical school of the Ministry," he said. By Baubek Konyrov

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