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Boxing: Carl Froch to KO Kazakhstan's Golovkin 04 ноября 2013, 22:32

Irish boxing professional expects WBA and IBO champion Gennady Golovkin from Kazakhstan to be KOed by British Carl Froch.
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Andy Lee. Photo courtesy of dbe1.com Andy Lee. Photo courtesy of dbe1.com
WBA and IBO champion Gennady Golovkin from Kazakhstan is going to be KOed by British boxer Carl Froch, Vesti.kz reports, citing a professional opinion of Irish boxing Andy Lee. He said that Andre Ward would be a better rival for Golovkin to face, because they both had almost the same level of boxing skills, whereas Froch was too strong for Golovkin. The Irish boxer thinks that Gennady's chances against British Froch are not good. "I’d love to see [Gennady] fight Ward because it would be a contest of boxers and we’d see who would out-skill the other. But I think he [Gennady] would have a lesser chance against Froch because Froch is so powerful and if he stood in front of Froch he might be in danger of getting knocked out,” Lee said. The unbeaten boxer from Kazakhstan Gennady 'GGG' Golovkin won over American boxer Curtis Stevens and retained his WBA world middleweight title on November 2. Gennady ended his 28th fight at Madison Square Garden arena in New York with a technical knockout. At the end of the eighth round the referee decided to stop the fight due to Stevens’ condition. Recovering from a second round knockdown, Stevens missed too many hits and returned only few counter blows.

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