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Astana Arlans rearming to fight for title 08 января 2014, 15:17

6 new Kazakhstani boxers have joined the Astana Arlans, the Kazakhstan boxing club that won the WBS 3rd season.
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Photo a courtesy of Vesti.kz Photo a courtesy of Vesti.kz
For the Astana Arlans, the Champions from Kazakhstan of the WSB 3rd Season, the new year has started with a strategic rearming. After thorough considerations, the management of the Alpha Wolves decided to replace several boxers due to health issues and have signed contracts with five new Kazakhstani boxers, Tengrinews reports citing Vesti.kz. Talking about personnel rearrangements, the decisions made after the recent medical tests and the progress in the season the Astana Arlans Director Bolat Mankenov said: “We have released Khamzhat Geliskhanov (-91 kg), Olzhas Sattibayev (-52 kg) and Nickolai Shvab (-60 kg) based on their medical tests.” Despite his loss in the debut bout, Olzhas Sattibayev showcased a great fight against the double World Champion Russian Misha Aloyan. But the management of the team is uncompromising: “Competition is very high this season. WSB is the Premier League of Olympic Boxing and we have to be represented by the best fighters,” Bolat Mankenov said. As for Ehsan Rouzbahani (-81 kg), the Director of Astana Wolves said that the Iranian boxer is in good shape and the club decided to keep him. The Iraninan southpaw boxer (3WP/1TKO) had a great 2012-2013 season with the Astana Wolves and was one of the few mercenaries who were offered a contract renewal. After the 30th International Boxing Tournament in Memory of Galym Zharylgapov, the Director of the professional boxing club said that there were 17 potential newcomers who were invited for try outs. However, in the end only four boxers arrived to the Astana Arlans training camp. The management of the team hopes to have several Aces from the Kazakhstan National team to join them later in February. So far, according to Bolat Mankenov, the team has signed contracts with Azamat Isakulov (-49 kg), a participant of the London Olympics 2012, Ilyas Suleimenov (-52 kg), Gani Zhailauov (-60 kg), Asset Kasymov (-64 kg) and Manat Amirzakov (-69 kg). Ilyas Suleimenov started his trainings at the Wolves’ camp right after the New Year, on January 2, according to the official Kazakhstan Boxing vk.com page. On January 10, the Astana Wolves will fight against the Poland Hussars who have had a rough debut in WSB. The Hussars have not won a single bout in their fights. The Mexian Guerreros who were struggling to win any bouts too crushed the Hussars with a dramatic 5-0 back in December. The Astana Arlans are serious about winning against the Poland Hussars as they are sending their trustworthy Wolves: Mardan Berikbayev (-49 kg), Meirbolat Toitov (-56 kg), Askhat Valikhanov (-64 kg), Sergei Derevyanchenko (-75 kg) and Vasiliy Levitt (-91 kg). On January 18, the Wolves will travel to Azerbaijan to fight against the Baku Fires. The fans of the Astana Woves hope that the rearming will help the team get a clear cut victory over their major opponents, the Cuba Domadores, when the Wolves visit the Tamers in Havana.

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