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British commander ready to follow Kazakhstan soldiers into battle blindfolded 10 сентября 2013, 11:11

The active phase of the tactical peacemaking training called Steppe Eagle-2013 was held at the Ili Site in Almaty oblast.
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Photo by Vladimir Prokopenko© Photo by Vladimir Prokopenko©
The active phase of the tactical peacemaking training called Steppe Eagle-2013 was held at Ili Training Site in Almaty oblast in late August, Tengrinews.kz reports. Kazakhstan's Kazbat battalion showed as well organized operation of its command staff during the peacemaking operations. The militarymen practiced missions in urban areas: they had to patrol an area, repulse an attack on the patrol and apprehend suspicious persons. The active phase of the drill also included installation and operation of mobile roadblocks. During the drill NATO experts evaluated the preparedness of Kazakhstan peacemaking division for interaction with NATO armed forces. Kazbat peacemaking battalion received the Level One in the Operative Potential Concept program. The drills were participated by over 300 vehicles and around 1,500 Kazakhstan militarymen. The training was held jointly with militarymen from the U.S., Great Britain, Italy, Latvia, Switzerland, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Observers from Spain, Germany and Belarus watched the drills. According to the representative of the Norwegian armed forces Mo Mortan, the UN experts also checked on operation of Kazakhstan headquarters, personnel’s field operations, language and military skills of the militarymen. The official results will be announced after the analysis. British army battalion chief Dino Bose said that the drills were held at a high level and Kazakhstan army has a huge potential. “Prior to the drills I asked my subordinates: would you like Kazakhstan soldiers stand hand in hand with you in the operations? The answer was: of course. If needed, I myself will be happy to take part in the peacemaking operations with Kazakhstan battalion. And yes, I’d follow Kazakhstan soldiers into combat blindfolded,” Bose said. “During the drills we tried to create a fully realistic tactical surrounding and atmosphere of the UN peacemaking operation so that Kazbat divisions could practice their skills. These skills will help the personnel successfully communicate and cooperate with the local population in the mission area. I was quite surprised with the high combat qualities of Kazbat personnel. I am confident that the drills are very useful for our countries,” colonel of the U.S. Ground Forces central command Kreis Delarosa said. According to the commander of Kazakhstan peacemaking troops Sheikh-Khossan Zhassykbayev, the drills’ goal was achieved. Kazakhstan peacemaking battalion proved its ability to interact with divisions of other countries. “Kazakhstan peacemaking battalion may go to any country, any part of the world and act jointly with the armed forces of any state,” the commander said. By Vladimir Prokopenko

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