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American expert talks about future of Kazakhstan army 08 февраля 2012, 18:05

One of the leading U.S. experts on foreign policy Stephen Sestanovich talked about the future of Kazakhstan's armed forces.
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Photo courtesy of thenews.kz Photo courtesy of thenews.kz
One of the leading U.S. experts on foreign policy who specializes on Russia and former Soviet countries, Stephen Sestanovich talked about the future of Kazakhstan's army, CA-NEWS reports. According to him, Kazakhstan will be able to create more powerful and self-sufficient armed forces thanks to “multi-directional” national security policy. “Kazakhstan’s armed forces were almost fully inherited from the Soviet Union, but in the future generations they will be changing their nature more and more. It will be a ‘multi-directional’ approach. Kazakhstan will do it as delicately as it reaches everything else, but it will do it for sure. I can foresee that in 20 years you will have a defense structure that will be much larger and will look totally different, reflecting the nature of the new partnerships,” the American expert said at an international conference in Washington recently. Sestanovich noted that in the last 5 years Kazakhstan’s military budget was the most fast growing in the world. He added that this fact is not frequently advertised at conferences, but it is a very important thing. According to the expert, in the last 20 years Kazakhstan reached big success in security issues during strengthening of its sovereignty and independence, doing it “extremely delicately”. Moreover, Sestanovich thinks that in future Kazakhstan “may achieve more significant military independence”. “That’s why, apparently, 1.5 years ago Kazakhstan hosted the first defense industry exhibition with participation of the companies from South Korea, Israel, the USA, India, Russia and China, the counties that wanted to get access to its market,” the expert reminded. “In future Kazakhstan will purchase carefully and it has already started purchasing high-tech equipment in the countries I’ve mentioned above, including electronics from South Korea and Israel, and “excessive” transport aircrafts from the U.S.,” Sestanovich said. Defense industry exhibition in Kazakhstan was its first international exhibition of armament and military equipment KADEX-2010. It was held in Astana on May 26-29, 2010. 200 companies from 20 countries took part in the exhibition. Kazakhstan will host the second exhibition of armament and military equipment KADEX-2012 in May.
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