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Two-thirds of managers are ready to leave Kazakshtan for interesting job 14 июня 2012, 18:39

65% of Kazakhstani managers will leave the country for a more interesting job, according to the opinion poll of Antal Kazakhstan recruiting company.
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Photo courtesy of mk.ru Photo courtesy of mk.ru
According to an opinion poll, 65% of Kazakhstan managers will leave the country for a more interesting job, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Antal Kazakhstan recruiting company. The company polled 600 managers of top and mid level. 27% of those polled say that they would consider such an offer, but cannot state their position yet. Only 8% of the respondents were not up for the idea of moving for the sake of an interesting job. "After opening of the borders inside the Customs Union, migration of labor power in Kazakhstan quickened. It doesn’t mean that everybody wants to leave Kazakhstan, it is a developing country and it has big perspectives. However population started to consider opportunities of building their careers outside their native country," General Director of Antal Kazakhstan, Natalia Kurkchi said.

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