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Kazakhstan's minimum subsistence rate based on poorest African countries 15 января 2013, 14:42

Dariga Nazarbayeva unveiled the origin of Kazakhstan's very low subsistence rate.
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Majilis deputy Dariga Nazarbayeva. Photo by Danial Okassov© Majilis deputy Dariga Nazarbayeva. Photo by Danial Okassov©
Kazakhstan's minimum subsistence rate is at the level of the poorest African countries, Nasha Gazeta writes citing Majilis deputy Dariga Nazarbayeva as saying during a meeting with philanthropists and journalists. Answering the questions about Kazakhstan residents' living standards, Nazarbayeva told about development of the minimum social standards in Kazakhstan. According to her, the deputies once decided to actually put together the consumer basket of Kazakhstan citizen and see what it is like: "a pinch of one cereal, a pinch of anther cereal". The MPs were outraged at rations when they saw how small they were. They filed a request to Kazakhstan's nutrition institute. A respectable professor came from the institute and explained the situation. It turned out that some time ago the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection instructed they institute to develop food standards and the institute took the minimum subsistence rate of the poorest African countries as an example. "Their rations are at survival rate - they are barely enough to keep them from starving," Nazarbayeva said citing the expert from the nutrition institute. "The rates of these countries were brought to the Ministry only as an example, a starting platform, but they automatically included them into the law. Many years have passed, but we still have this rate used in making of the all social rates. That's why my colleagues in Senate and me believe that the rates have to be reconsidered. The deputy said that the minimum subsistence rate has to be changed in the nearest time and that to a large extent the results of this work will depend on the parliament. She reminded about the President's recent instruction "to improve minimum social standards and even include minimal education costs into the consumer basket".

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