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Kazakhstan adopts law on countering terrorism 17 декабря 2012, 14:35

Kazakhstan Senators approved a draft law On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Kazakhstan on Countering Terrorism in the second reading.
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Special vehicle of anti-terrorist center. Photo by Danial Okassov© Special vehicle of anti-terrorist center. Photo by Danial Okassov©
Kazakhstan has adopted a law on countering terrorism. Senators approved the draft law On amendments to certain legislative acts of Kazakhstan on countering terrorism in the second reading, Tengrinews.kz reports. The draft law is called to improve the regulatory base in countering terrorism. "The amendments introduced by the draft law provide for enhancement of preventive works on countering terrorism, involvement of all respective state authorities of Kazakhstan, its public institutions and the country's population," the statement of the International Relations, Defense and Security Commission of Kazakhstan Senate reads. In particular, the plan is to create anti-terrorist commissions in the regions. They will be formed as part of the local executive authorities of the oblasts. Besides, the draft law provides for amendments in Criminal, Penal Execution and Administrative Violations Codes. Besides, the document gives a new definition to the "countering of terrorism" terms and includes three directions: prevention of terrorism, i.e. elimination of conditions causing terrorism and making terrorist attacks in all spheres of the people's lives possible; detection, suppression of terrorism activities, solving and investigation of terrorist crime; minimizing and (or) elimination of consequences of terrorist act by involving all forces and means. Thus, the law is considered adopted and will be submitted to President for signature. By Gulnara Zhandagulova

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