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Taliban: Kazakhstan owes its liberation to Afghan jihad 24 мая 2011, 18:19

Taliban released a statement in relation to Kazakhstan decision to send troops to Afghanistan.
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Taliban: Kazakhstan owes its liberation to Afghan jihad Taliban: Kazakhstan owes its liberation to Afghan jihad
Kazakhstan owes its liberation to Afghan jihad, Taliban statement says in connection with Kazakhstan's decision to send its militarymen to Afghanistan, Tengrinews.kz reports. Meanwhile, Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry announced that only four Kazakhstan officers will be sent to Afghanistan. As per the Talibs, “after the visit to Kazakhstan of Grossman, an American official, the Kazakstan made a hurried decided to send troops to Afghanistan in support of the American occupation. It is obvious from the abrupt and impetuous decision of Kazakhstan that authorities of that country have shown impetuosity and hastiness in taking the decision.” Grossman visited Kazakhstan last week. “They have focused on protection of American interests instead of taking into account the aspirations of their people and the regional interests. Kazakhstan obtained its liberation and got an identity after the collapse of the former Soviet Union at the hands of the Afghan people. In a way, they ( must) remain obliged to the blessing of the Afghan Jihad and struggle.” Taliban said that Kazakhstan decided to take part in “the war of the illegitimate occupation of Afghanistan.” “We believe, the dispatch of a few hundred troops will not change the fate of the invaders who are already on their way to defeat. This step on the part of Kazakhstan will leave a long-term negative impact on relations between Afghanistan and Kazakhstan and the region,” the Talibs stated. They called Kazakhstan Muslims to stand against sending Kazakhstan officers to Afghanistan. Kazakhstan ambassador to Afghanistan Agybai Smagulov told Tengrinews.kz that there are no direct threats to Kazakhstan in the Talib’s statement. The diplomat said that together with the Kazakhstan embassy staff he was traveling in Kabul in a bullet-proof car, dozens of armed people were protecting the embassy building and houses of Kazakh diplomats.

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