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Kazakhstan ranks №9 in the world by incoming migrants flow 28 апреля 2011, 13:02

A round table on migration was held in Almaty. 134 thousand of foreign citizens currently work in Almaty.
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REUTERS-Romeo Ranoco© REUTERS-Romeo Ranoco©
134 thousand of foreign citizens currently work in Almaty. Kazakhstan is ranked 9th in the world by the number of migrants flowing into the country, Liter reports. A round table discussion of Migration processes in Kazakhstan and social integration of working migrants with due consideration of gender component initiated by the Social Council of Nur Otan Party was held in Almaty. The participants of the discussion pointed out that Kazakhstan is committed to sorting out the migration processes and making sure they comply with the national legislation. However, for the time being a major part of foreign labor is employed illegally and the rights of labor migrants are often violated. The meeting also discussed protection of the rights of migrants and their families. The meeting was attended by deputies of Kazakhstan Majilis (lower chamber of Parliament) and representatives of EurAsEC, UN, migrants’ organizations and various NGOs. The attendees came up with several recommendations for improvement of current situation. Kazakhstan Migration Law will be amended in the part related to import of foreign labor force. After the amendments are passed, legalization of labor migrants with so called unsettled status will be held every five years.

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