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Half of Kazakhstan students want to move abroad 01 июня 2011, 13:46

48.6 percent of respondents among Kazakhstan students are happy to live in their home country.
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©RIA Novosti ©RIA Novosti
48.6 percent of interrogated Kazakhstan students are happy to live in their country, The Gorshenin Institute's website writes. 37.6 percent of students in Poland have the same opinion about their home country as well as 31.1 percent of Russian and 29.1 percent of Ukrainian students. 10.7 percent of respondents among Kazakhstan students would like to live in the United States and 9.3 percent in Great Britain. 16.2 percent of Ukrainian, 16.7 percent of Russian and 12.4 percent of Polish students would like to move to the United States. Great Britain is attractive for 15.6 percent of Russian and 12.8 percent of Polish students. 14.7 percent of Russian students prefer Germany. The poll was held from October 2010 to March 2011. It covered 5,155 students from 22 universities of Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia and Poland. Compared to Russia, Ukraine and Poland, Kazakhstan is a country with the most patriotic young people. 68.2 percent of Kazakhstan students are proud to be the citizens of their country, while in Ukraine only 55.4 percent are.

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