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19 Senate seats are up for elections in Kazakhstan 16 июня 2011, 15:14

Kazakhstan's Central Election Commission has approved the calendar plan of the Senate elections.
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Senate. Photo courtesy of parlam.kz Senate. Photo courtesy of parlam.kz
The term of 16 Senators elected in 2005 runs out on August 19, 2011. They represent one third of Kazakhstan's Senate Tengrinews.kz reports. Kazakhstan's Central Election Commission (CEC) has approved the calendar plan of the Senate elections. According to the plan, nomination of candidates has started on June 16 and finish on July 19. The CEC will finish registering candidates on July 29 and campaigning will be allowed until July 30. By July 1, 2011 candidates and their spouses have to submit declarations on incomes and property to tax authorities and pay the registration fee of 239,985 tenge ($1,644). “For the elections to be sucessful over 50 percent of electors are supposed to cast their votes. The candidate is considered elected if he/she receives over 50 percent of votes of the people participating in voting, or if he/she receives more votes than other candidates during the second voting,” said the Chairman of Kazakhstan CEC Kuandyk Turgankulov. Voting, calculation and announcement of results will be made by election commissions of Kazakhstan's 14 oblasts, Astana and Almaty cities on the same day on August 19. The CEC has to announce final results not later than on August 25. According to the Chairman, the CEC is fully ready for the elections, all required documents have been prepared. 142 million tenge ($972 thousand) have been allocated for elections campaign. Each of the candidates has the right to form his/her own campaigning fund that may not exceed 11,199,300 tenge ($76,708). Earlier Tengrinews.kz English reported that according to the decree of Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan Parliamentary elections will be held on August 19. The Senate - upper chamber of Kazakhstan's Parliament - consists of 47 members, including the Speaker. 15 Senators are appointed by the President, while 32 of them are elected by ballot voting and on the basis of indirect voting right.

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