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Kyrgyzstan returned 29 wagons of radioactive coal to Kazakhstan 11 ноября 2011, 19:28

29 wagons with radioactive coal stocked at Severnaya customs in Kyrgyzstan were sent back to Kazakhstan.
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29 wagons with radioactive coal stocked at Severnaya customs in Kyrgyzstan were sent back to Kazakhstan, KazTAG reports. “All the 29 wagons were sent to Kazakhstan this night, they have crossed the Kyrgyz-Kazakh border,” press-sercetary of Kyrgyzstan state customs service Abdylda Maldybayev said. He also reminded that 25 wagons with radioactive coal from Kazakhstan were discovered at Severnaya border in Kara-Balta town of Chu oblast on October 27. Another 4 wagons with radioactive coal had been seized earlier. All the wagons had been stored at the customs until yesterday. “We discovered that radiation background exceeds the allowed limit 10-fold,” press-secretary said. According to the contract, all the expenses related to transportation are covered by the supplying company Kulan TB. “They have already paid for the wagons stand-by at customs, return transportation and paid for all customs procedures related to import and export of coal in the amount of 0.15 percent of the total cost of the coal. The coal was sent only after all the payments were made,” Maldybayev said. The scandal over radioactive coal emerged in Kyrgyzstan over 8 thousand tons of coal from Kazakhstan with radiation level 2-8 times exceeding the standards. Kyrgyzstan deputy Raikan Tologonov said that import of radioactive coal to Bishkek power plant from Kazakhstan had been lobbied by assistant speaker of the Kyrgyz parliament Akhmatbek Keldibekov. This statement was later confuted. Kazakhstan mine was also checked and no radiation was discovered.
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